Album Review: The Defiled – Grave Times

Opening with a slow drone I did not expect much from the new The Defiled album, Grave Times. How wrong could I have been?

About 90 seconds into the opener the album erupts with powerful guitar hooks and drum beats drawing me in straight away, with the powerful vocals of Stitch D just pulling everything back to reality it made me realise I was a fool for thinking these guys were never going to go anywhere back in 2009 when I first saw them live.
The Defiled - Grave Times Artwork

Having seen them twice since then, they just seem to be getting stronger and stronger. Every moment is like a new window for the band. The first single to be released off the album was Call To Arms and I can completely understand why. As brutal as it sounds it just has that hook of a breakdown in the certain that just screams for crowd involvement!

Don’t get me wrong, Call To Arms is not the only track with these sort of moments, actually the album is filled with them. It’s growing on me, the more I keep hearing the tracks from it, the more I’m enjoying them.

Now don’t get me wrong, the band do still have some growing to do, but when you consider that they are trying to break into a new genre, well I say new, if you looked at them you’d think they’re trying to be Nikki Sixx, but unlike another band who I won’t mention, this is the last place that they deal with this stereotype. The brutality lends itself much more to being called Killswitch Engage wannabe’s!

If you are looking for something that breathes a relatively new breath of air into a stale style of music and want it to be British, definitely go pick up the new The Defiled album!

Rating – 8

If you would like to pick up a signed copy of the new album you can via The album is also available now from At The Deep End Records.


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