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Album Review: The Last Felony – Too Many Humans

From an area in Canada where it just seems that extremely brutal bands are birthed, The Last Felony had to have had one hell of writing session to get ‘Too Many Humans’ to stand out among other bands floating around that area such as, Beneath The Massacre,  Ion Dissonance and soon to be the former deathcore heavy weights, Despised Icon. In the end the bands sophomore effort may not be the next genre changing album to hit the deathcore scene, but it is one of the heaviest and well written records that I’ve heard in a while.

With ‘Too Many Humans,’ The Last Felony seem to have taken meaning with the phrase “If you can’t beat them, join them,” to heart. With a lot of attention being focused on BTM latest release and the great reviews critics gave Ion Dissonance’s last album, it was almost expected that TLF’s release had to have some sound that would give critics that similar sound.

The Last Felony Too Many Humans ArtworkOpening with ‘We Are Future Housing Developments for Maggots,’ The Last Felony set the tone of the album with a heavy set of three riffs that come into play within the first minute and thirty seconds. Infecting brain waves with an onslaught of blast beats and melody, the band is able to keep up with their peers before the second song.

One complaint with that often comes with metal is that all of the songs sound the same. The Last Felony break this complaint by having multiple styles of guitar play placed differently in each song. The only things to expect that appear in each song are incinerating speed and earth shattering breakdowns. Best displayed in, ‘Overrated Existence’ where parts go back and forth between black metal influenced tremolo picking and heavy chugging that would leave hardcore dancers and moshers confused as all hell.

Although the album does seem to cross genres, it is by no means done poorly. In one song you can hear melodic death metal, hardcore and even black metal (the kind that doesn’t suck). Regardless of your taste, you’ll find something to at the very least appreciate with The Last Felony’s second effort.

In comparison to their last album, ‘Aeon of Suffering,’ there isn’t much of a difference. ‘Aeon of Suffering,’ has a more hardcore feel to it and ‘Too Many Humans’ has an overall better sound quality. The band has definitely taken the same progression that Job for a Cowboy took after their ‘Doom’ EP. They have a more mature death metal sound with fewer breakdowns and   what seems to be a better knowledge of song writing.

As far as a final verdict; is this a great record? Yes. Can they improve? Yes. As stated previously it seems they’ve followed the bands that they live near. In the end they sound a great deal like Ion Dissonance and Beneath The Massacre. I feel that it will take a third record before they finally develop their own sound that will allow them to shine through the bands of their surroundings.

Rating – 8


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