Album Review: The Maine – Black And White

While pop rock is certainly not my genre I decided to give The Maine their shot at impressing me as hell we all have our guilty pleasures and if it’s catchy then you never know the appeal of a band from a genre most love to hate unless you’re in your teenage years.

The Maine Black And White ArtworkI had never heard their debut breakthrough album ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’ but what is safe to say, if you do your research, this band just exploded onto the scene and their fan base shows that they are loved. I had the chance to submit some questions via email to the band not that long ago which Kennedy Brock stated that it had been “a crazy experience with no dull moments” and this is what they try to push across in the sound of their album. The album certainly looks to keep an upbeat feel while trying to avoid some of the wretched pop rock material that is produced but this album never takes off.

“This album is our way of finding colour in a Black and White world” Kennedy stated to me but this also only really finds one colour, that colour being beige. The album is very watered down, extremely bland with no moments that really jump out at you to even consider this as a guilty pleasure that you would disable scrobbling on for.

Fans of pop rock will very likely appreciate the effort put in by the band but for an outside view point, there really is nothing exciting. All the songs have a similar feel and you could listen to this from start to finish without noticing that you have covered ten songs. At a small thirty five minutes long, I suppose I should have expected as much.

The two stand out songs for me were the single ‘Inside Of You’ and also the albums second song ‘Right Girl’ but the rest just went on by without a second glance.

Rating – 5


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