Album Review: The Order Of Apollyon – The Flesh

With Aborted, Cradle Of Filth and Akercocke alumnus as members, expectations for The Order Of Apollyon were understandably high. Do they live up to those expectations? Yes and no.

The Flesh by The Order Of ApollyonFans of pure, unadulterated black/death metal have plenty to cheer about from this debut outing. There’s no messing around with symphonic elements, or even melody for that matter. Imagine early Behemoth, with a dash of Morbid Angel thrown in for good measure. So far, so black.

No, the trouble is that ‘The Flesh’ never manages to distinguish itself from its more revered influences. At times, it’s even hard to tell individual songs apart from each other, let alone the album as a whole from other, similar albums. All the elements are in place – inhuman drumming, string-slashing riffs, gruff vocals. All this bands needs is a little more character and they would be on the way to black metal stardom. But as it stands, why bother with ‘The Flesh’ when you can listen to ‘Altars Of Madness’ or ‘Thelema.6’? [6]


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