Album Review: The Red Shore – The Avarice Of Man

Globalisation is a bloody great thing. Who would have thought, 20 years ago, that a Polish and an American band could become a detrimental influence on an Australian quintet playing technical death metal?  Yet here we are, with The Red Shore, who owe an obvious debt to Behemoth and Nile.

The Red Shore The Avarice Of Man coverThe influence is obvious right from the word go as vocalist Chase Butler sounds astoundingly like Demigod-era Nergal on ‘The Seed Of Annihilation’. Elsewhere, the fretwork on ‘Human All Too Human’ immediately reminds you of ‘Annihilation…’ style Nile.

Which is not to say that The Red Shore don’t have an idea or two of their own. ‘The Approaching Tempest’ quickly settles into an unbeatable tech-death groove that can hold its own against the biggest names in the industry, ‘Of First And Last Things’ has a riff that must surely have melted the strings on the guitar used to play it, ‘Inflict De-Creation’ can put Decapitated to shame, while the drumming on ‘Reduced To Ruin’ will make your arms ache just thinking about it.

The only thing holding The Red Shore back from true greatness is the fact that they haven’t found their own, instantly-identifiable sound yet. Every other ingredient in this Molotov is already in place, someone just needs to find the match and the world will never be the same.

Album Rating – 8


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