Album Review: The Steve Miller Band – Bingo!

It has been 17 years, almost to the date, since The Steve Miller Band released their last studio album ‘Wide River’ but now the gangster is back with his new album ‘Bingo!’ The album, which upset a large majority of fans, isn’t an original album; it is one of two albums that will feature a number of Blues and R&B covers. The first album, ‘Bingo!’ will cover the Blues material that Steve grew up listening to with an R&B release in 2011. Steve Miller will continue this trend if he returns to the studio beyond the next release as he has stated that he will no longer write and record original material.

The Steve Miller Band Bingo ArtworkThis album for Steve is all about making the album he has always dreamt about; an album full of fun, with a party vibe and he doesn’t disappoint. From the opening song ‘Hey Yeah’, tapping into Jimmie Vaughan’s classic style to create a driving blues rock song that will be surely a favourite with everyone. ‘Who’s Been Talkin’?’ was a song I couldn’t wait to listen to being a fan of Howlin’ Wolf and the band’s rock take on the song did not disappoint. Keeping the essence of the original but performing the song in their style, the rendition was simply a classic modern blues hit.

The album follows the same suit throughout the other 8 songs on the album. Steve has taken these specific songs and not made a traditional blues album as really what would be the point in doing that? This is his interpretation of these songs using his experience and raw talent to make the songs sound fresh and better yet original. He never strays from the essence and soul of the original recordings but he recreates these music to fit his style. This album was a party album and Steve has ticked the boxes to make it so.

His performance throughout the album is impeccable; from his vocals to his guitar playing, everything simply comes together to create an incredible return after 17 years. Taking and using the inspiration and the power from those he has covered on this album only raises his stature as one of the world’s greatest guitarists.

Not only will fans of Steve Miller appreciate what he has done with some classic songs, fans of Blues will love the interpretation with the added rock edge. There isn’t a few keys songs that I can label as ‘must listen’; I label the album as a must listen.

If Steve Miller continues to record sessions like ‘Bingo!’ and release them for fans to enjoy, I can promise you that you will not care for a new album of original material.

Rating – 8


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