Album Review: TRC – Bright Lights

The Revolution Continues, or TRC as they are more commonly known, will release their new album ‘Bright Lights’ on August 8th. As one of the most hotly anticipated hardcore albums of recent years and a stunning live show, there was a lot of hope for this record.

Unfortunately though, from around the 90-second mark the album starts to disappoint. It starts heavy and strong, capturing a lot of the strength of the live show, but then, when the somewhat spoken/rapped lyrics in the breakdowns kick in, a lot of the strength disappears quickly.

TRC Bright Lights ArtworkThe album opens with ‘H.A.T.E.R.S.’, a track which is aptly aimed at people who don’t like the band. This is the first big problem with the album lyrically. In your first song, you are already saying you don’t care if people hate you? Obviously you do if you’ve written an entire song about it.

Another of the album’s highlights, (or, alternatively, another track that the band has greatly plugged) ‘Go Hard or Go Home’, is again lyrically poor. I mean, there is a lot going on in this world, yet TRC have chosen to write songs either about people hating their band or how, surprisingly, they hate the “disappointing” lyrics from other hardcore bands. The major downfall of ‘Bright Lights’, I think, is the lyrics and I believe it is an area that TRC need to work upon. They need to put more focus on major issues as opposed to just not liking people.

The lyrics on the whole for the album are disappointing, but I’m not going to do a track-by-track. Also, don’t get me wrong, there are some good moments on the album. For example. ‘London’s Greatest Love Story’ is a very strong track, surprisingly enough with decent lyrics. This can be coupled with the fact that musically the band is very capable. They do play an almost standard system of hardcore, but that doesn’t make it bad. This is the area where TRC redeem themselves ever so slightly, and a few nice solos further emphasise that they are impressive on a technical level.

To quote TRC’s Chris, “get ready for the album of the year.” No, this is by far not the album of the year. Unfortunately, I don’t even feel it will be remembered past the end of this year.

Rating – 4


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3 Responses to “Album Review: TRC – Bright Lights”

  1. Not sure you know TRC well enough too judge thier music by the sounds of things, This has been the only review so far below 7/10 and Hardcore music isnt genarally based only on lyrics just look at Gallows who TRC look to be catching up on now Frank gone.

  2. I’ve seen TRC live and honestly thought they were exceptional, so I do know a little about the band (no I won’t claim to be a grand master knowing everything about them). I also gave my honest thoughts about the album. The thing is as well, if you get someone who ‘knows’ the band really well, there is potential you will never get the full honest review. I’ve seen other reviews of albums where it’s pretty much been “Omg I love this band, I don’t care if they make a bad album I’ll still love it.” I stand by my review, it’s my opinion and everyone is entitled to have their own.

  3. “I mean, there is a lot going on in this world, yet TRC have chosen to write songs either about people hating their band or how, surprisingly, they hate the “disappointing” lyrics from other hardcore bands”… You wanna’ hear a song about Riots or murderers? Rapists or massacre’s? Dude… This band don’t give a fuck, and that comes across.
    This bands energy comes across in every song, They don’t give a shit, about me, about you, and about your review… Thats why there Hardcore.