Album Review: Trivium – In Waves

Floridian metallers Trivium have returned with fifth album ‘In Waves’, the follow up to 2008’s hit ‘Shogun’.

The album opens with a slightly haunting piano instrumental that leads directly into the ferocity of the title track. From the get go, it becomes obvious that this is simply a Trivium album, nothing more and nothing less.

That being said, the more you listen to the album it becomes apparent that they have stuck to what they said about the album: this time the songs have been written for the sake of the song, and not to try to create an overall feeling on the album.

Tracks like ‘Black’ and ‘Built To Fall’ were made for the live arenas that they will undoubtedly be played in, while some tracks such as ‘Dusk Dismantled’ have been made for the rock and metal clubs around the world and should receive rave reviews.

The album isn’t all brilliant, though. The band have once again written some songs that are just a bit too melody-heavy. You expect metal when you hear Trivium, or at least that’s what I’ve come to expect, but some tracks just don’t deliver fully on the metal front, with one track having an almost deathcore feeling to it as well.

When I first heard this album I was thinking it was Trivium’s best ever work, and some of the tracks on the album definitely are, but overall I don’t feel it has topped Ascendancy. The musicianship has matured and adding Nick Augusto as a permanent member has certainly helped the band. They still have the potential to make a genre-defining album. This just isn’t it.

Rating – 7.5


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