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Album Review: Victory in Numbers – Killing. Mourning. Love

Often times good can come out of tragedy. In 2004 the band known to Philadelphia as, Blue Collar took a hit when their lead vocalist, Vincent Green died in a car accident. The band however decided to press forward with a new member (Bruce Wiegner, guitar) and a new name honouring their fallen friend.  Victory in Numbers (the initials being V.I.N) have been signed by Bullet Tooth Records and will be releasing their label debut on the 21st September.  I was fortunate enough to listen to ‘Killing. Mourning. Love.’ and I must say it is one of the best debut’s to come out in alternative pop-punk.

Victory In Numbers Killing Mourning Love artworkOpening with light yet powerful guitar riff with some synth action in the track ‘Midnight in London’ it is almost impossible to tell which direction the record will go. In fact It doesn’t go in any one direction at all. It stays in a pop-punk/alternative range the entire time though changing a little bit with each new song. One thing that is a constant throughout the entire record is the variety of synthesizer tracks playing behind the guitars. You’ll find a bit more of the synths in ‘Midnight in London’ and ‘The Getaway’ than any other song.

With a mix of alternative riffs and pop-punk (and even some screamo) style vocals there is a track on the record for listeners of all genres.  That however leads to my only complaint being that there isn’t a consistent sound that I can follow. Prior to receiving the album for review, I only heard the single ‘The King is Dead,’ which is a little more of an alternative/screamo type song; which led me to think that I was going to listen to more of an alternative album. However the single is very deceptive, there are a few songs that could be considered boarder line country music.  The band however takes pride in their mix of genres and it definitely paid off.

My only complaint with the record is the synth riffs that come around every now again throughout the record. It does get a little repetitive but after listening to the record a few times it does end up growing on you. Ultimately a great debut from a band that seems to have found a general sound. There are a few filler songs that the record could do without but overall, ‘Killing. Mourning. Love’ is definitely something worth looking into.

Rating – 8


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