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Album Review: Within Temptation – The Unforgiving

Last week Dutch Symphonic Metal act Within Temptation released their 5th album, The Unforgiving, the follow up to 2007’s The Heart Of Everything.

The album starts in a very dark and sinister way with a 30 second monologue with what sounds like a violin in the background, giving the impression that you really are in a theatre listening to this music and given that the band went on tour through theatres in 2010 this makes perfect sense.

With The Unforgiving the band have found a new, darker style to their music in my opinion. There’s no longer a big focus on Sharon Den Adel portraying an almost operatic theme in her vocals, it’s now all about how powerful a voice she has to go with the music. Along with this the band seem to have harnessed a new sound in their playing with the drums keep really strong rhythms and also guitars seem just so much darker, the only thing with this is sometimes you just expect a big power metal solo which just doesn’t arrive at all.Within Temptation The Unforgiving Cover

The music also seems a lot stronger, everything clicks in a way that at times was not always apparent in previous records, however this also works as a slight detriment as its one of the things I always loved about the band, just the almost perfect imperfections that they had.

I only really have one full problem with the album and its how the band has went about promoting it. They released the lead single Faster not too long ago and I think they chose the completely wrong song to portray the album and should have led off with Where Is The Edge or Iron instead.  My only other complaint is there are moments where you can tell the orchestral influence has played a lot on their minds and it makes it quite difficult to see how the music can transfer to the live/festival scene, here’s hoping come November the band prove me wrong and pull out all the stops.

Having been 4 years since the last album you can also tell that this album is well polished, even though there’s been personal time for each member, Sharon giving birth to her 3rd child at the end of March also influencing the bands touring schedule, there’s a complete sense of this is not just an album that’s been thrown together to get an album out there.

With the release of The Unforgiving the band and Sharon have cemented themselves at the forefront of the symphonic scene when having a female vocalist and have shown that they have a lot more diversity than both Lacuna Coil and Nightwish and both these bands are really going to have to step up their game to get anywhere near Within Temptation.

An album that should draw in both old and new Within Temptation fans with 53 minutes of good music with very few hitches in the style.

Rating – 7.5


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