Album Review: Woe Of Tyrants – Threnody

To give credit where it is due, five-man American band Woe Of Tyrants put in a lot of effort into their new album ‘Threnody’. Their collective hearts are in the right place and they give their all throughout the 10 tracks.

Woe Of Tyrants_ThrenodyUnfortunately, that dedication doesn’t quite translate to inspiration. Although it’s not a bad record, ‘Threnody’ just isn’t interesting enough to hold your attention throughout its 41 minute run. Songs like ‘Creatures Of The Mire’ and ‘Venom Eye’ have their moments with melodic lines interceding every so often, and the title track even has an extended acoustic opening with keyboards providing a backdrop.

But just like the new Carnifex album, the songs quickly degenerate into a predictable and uninspiring wall of sound. You could easily go through this entire album and not be sure where one track ends and the next begins. Sure, you don’t need tons of variety to make a great album (‘Reign In Blood’, for example, was a thrasher from start to end, and every, say, Fear Factory or Meshuggah album offers little in the way of change), but when all the songs blend into one faceless mush, you know you’re in trouble.

Sorry guys, better luck next time. [5]

Threnody is out April 13, 2010 on Metal Blade Records


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