Anima – Enter The Killzone

What is it about Germany that keeps producing quality metal acts? They’ve conquered thrash (Kreator, Sodom), metalcore (Caliban, Heaven Shall Burn), crossover (Rammstein, Scorpions), power metal (Helloween, Grave Digger) and now Anima have laid claim to the modern death/deathcore throne with their sophomore release Enter The Killzone.

The genre is by no means a new hunting ground for bands; if anything it’s over-saturated; so bands need to have something special about them to stand out. And that’s the beauty of Anima – their songs just work. At its foundation, Enter The Killzone relies on every deathcore cliché – vocals that alternate between growls and wails, B-movie horror clip intro, breakdowns galore etc. But these guys clearly know how to write riffs and structure songs to take those elements and come up with something that isn’t formulaic or instantly forgettable.

ANIMA - Enter The Killzone Artwork

ANIMA - Enter The Killzone Artwork

Songs like Welcome To Our Killzone, Necromantica and The Man Eater all entertain and brutalise in equal measure. Album closer XXXIII even enters epic territory with keyboards strewn all over the place. Even the iffy production on the drumming can’t take away from what is a thoroughly enjoyable deathcore punch-in-the-face.

Albums like this prove you can take an overdone and overused sound and still keep it fresh. There’s life in the beast yet.



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