Concert Review: Sahg – Kvarteret, Bergen – 11. Feb.

Despite the cold temperatures, snow and heavy pollution, about a hundred people managed to get to the opening-week of Kvarteret in Bergen.

Two hours after the doors had opened, the supporting act The Goo Men finally came on stage and started with a new song “Good To Me”, which is from their new album “Three Thumbs Up!”. The song that followed could remind one of Jerry Lee Lewis’ song “Great Balls Of Fire” from the 50s.

And thats how The Goo Men kept on the show, with songs that clearly was inspired by the 50s, that had a 50s beat and made one want to shake a leg or dance. It didn’t feel right wanting to dance, since the crowd clearly came to see Sahg, which is more head-banging than dancing.

Even though there were mixed feelings, The Goo Men did a great job performing. Some of the band-members were even in the crowd playing their instruments and dancing around. They even dedicated a song to Sahg, “So Excited”, as a thank you for letting them be the supporting act. The finished of the set with “Scream my name”, and after playing more than ten songs the audience were more than eager to see Sahg.

Thirty minutes after midnight the crowd gathered in front of the stage again, and this time to see the band they really came for: Sahg.

Sahg has band members from Gorgoroth, Audrey Horne, Ralph Meyers & The Jack Herren Band and Manngard, which makes them a supergroup here in Norway.

The intro started and the first band member to come on stage was their newest member, Thomas Lønnheim on drums. Right after the rest of the band followed, Tom Visnes on bass, Thomas Tofthagen on guitar, and when Olav Iversen came on starting with “Repent”, the crowd cheered.

At the beginning of “The Executioner Undead” the pyro-effects came, which Sahg is known to have on their shows. The ones who were standing in the front row loved it, and head-banged so much it looked like hair-tornadoes below the pyro. The audience yelled “Sahg! Sahg! Sahg!” while Olav smiled and said he was glad to be back. Another round of pyro-effects came when the song “Godless Faith” came, it made the venue even hotter then it already was.

The concert had a nice balance from both the albums Sahg I and Sahg II, we even got a taste from the upcoming album Sahg III. The new song “Mortified” was taken in with open arms from the audience with even more head-banging and cheers. “Did you like that bitch?” Olav asked, and the crowd yelled “YEAH!”.

Sahg were fantastic live, they give a show all of their energy even if there is a small audience. There was one negative thing about the concert though, The Goo Men played longer and more songs than Sahg, and they were only the supporting act. But with great sound and an unforgettable stage-present, we couldn’t really ask for more. Now it’s just time to look forward to the new album and hopefully a new tour.


1. Intro
2. Repent
3. The Executioner Undead
4. Ascent To Decadence
5. Rivers Running Dry / Star-crossed
6. Godless Faith
7. Soul Exile
8. Mortified
9. Pyromancer
10. Echoes Ring Forever

Sahg on Myspace, Twitter & Homepage
The Goo Men on Myspace, Facebook & Homepage

Goo Men @ Camp Indie/Øyafestivalen 2009 from Camp Indie on Vimeo.


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