Domes of Silence – Temple Of The Wasp

Domes Of Silence issue the first new material since their debut album Mescaline, with this new single, Temple Of The Wasp, which has been released through iTunes and other download formats, backed up by B-side Bad Wisdom. Since their debut they have survived vocalist Sean Parkin’s serious illness, addiction, conflict and multiple line-up changes. With brothers Alex and Charles Lane now on percussion and bass and long time producer and collaborator Richard Aitken joining Carl Bickley on guitar.

The result is two tracks with sinister vocals and heavy twin-guitar riffs, sounding ever so slightly like they belong in the eighties. They sound a bit like they belong on the soundtrack to a sleazy one night stand. Not that that’s a bad thing.

Neither Temple Of The Wasp nor Bad Wisdom is especially original, but the sound is good and the execution isn’t bad. They may not be especially talented composers – there seems to be a fairly misplaced ‘break-down’ bit part-way through a high-energy chorus in Temple of the Wasp. But the lyrics are definitely worth trying to listen to, if nothing else because some of them are definitely odd.

In a nutshell, Domes of Silence sound good, not great, maybe with a decent producer they could be better but as of yet I’m unsure as to whether I like them or not, but if you like chunky riffs, astoundingly confusing-to-follow lyrics, and …music. You should definitely check them out.


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