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EP Review: Annotations Of An Autopsy – Dark Days

The only other Annotations of an Autopsy CD I’ve ever listened to is ‘The Reign of Darkness’. I thought it was a great mix of tough guy hardcore and death metal. I remember thinking it was one of the most brutal pieces of music I’ve ever heard and that I needed to begin listening to this band more often. For some reason however, I did not listen to any other albums that is until I was given a chance to review  the ‘Dark Days’ EP which just came out yesterday.

Before I got a digital copy of the album I was already disappointed with it. I didn’t like the single, “Stage Breaker,” that AOAA put out. It sounded similar to something that Emmure would write and I, personally, am not a huge fan of Emmure. However when you get past the gang vocals that last for about one minute it really isn’t a bad song, but it does take a few listens to get used to.

The second song I have an issue with is “Ten Ton Hammer.” It’s a decent song when a dissonant chord isn’t being played but most of the song is played in an odd minor key with a lot of dissonant chords, which brings me back to the issue of sounding like Emmure. I know AOAA to be absolutely crushing and by sounding like Emmure is almost a step down.

Three out of five songs that stick to the old AOAA formula make ‘Dark Days’ an EP worth buying. Despite having its issues, it’s an EP that does have something for everyone (whether I like some of its elements or not). The opening song, “Buried In A Bad Rep,” starts off with a devastating breakdown that grabs your attention from the very beginning.

While the majority of the EP is a great listen, AOAA doesn’t do too much different. If you were looking for AOAA to re-invent hardcore metal, you’re picking up the wrong album. The album can be summed up by saying it has breakdowns, a few blast beats, and at some points too many gang vocals.

‘Dark Days’ isn’t a particularly technical album which may turn a few off, but if you’re looking for an album that you can shamelessly mosh by yourself in your room too, then you’ve bought the right album. It’s cheap as all hell on itunes and is only available digitally, so hop on and buy it if you’re looking for a scummy album full of “PURE F***ING HATE.”

Edit- The final song of the EP, “Ten Ton Hammer,” is a Machine Head cover. I don’t listen to Machine Head as often as I probably should and should have acknowledged this. My stance on the song remains the same.



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  1. You should know that “Ten Ton Hammer” is a MACHINE HEAD cover…

  2. I actually just went to correct that. As I am not a huge machine head fan it didn’t hit me until now