EP Review: Below The Fall – Below The Fall

It’s not that often that you come across a band who has yet to perform a gig but has produced an EP that sets a tone of a band with years of experience.

The English four piece is made up of Dan Hunter (vocals and guitar), Sam Viscal (guitar), Leigh Cruxon (bass) and Alex Breadmore (drums) have recently released their two song EP on the “name your price” scheme over at Bandcamp while also offering rather nice limited edition CD’s, a must grab with the band showing a lot of promise of a future ahead of them.

Inspired by bands such as Hundred Reasons, Far and Deftones, ‘Commissioner’ and ‘Just Run Away’ are sure to fit in somewhere with everyone. ‘Commissioner’ showcases their Far and Deftones inspired sound opening big with a powerful guitar rhythm and beating drums before the band produce a Deftones style vocal and sound during the verse. ‘Just Run Away’ finds the band in more Hundred Reasons territory but what Below The Fall offer is so much more than Hundred Reasons as they take it to another level with more power.

For a band who have yet to walk onto any stage, this EP showcases a band who know who they are and who have a clear direction with their music. Many bands just starting out will experiment will take some time to find a sound that suits them but having already stepped into the studio, this EP is worth getting your hands on for when this band make an impact in the future.

Rating – 8


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  1. Below The Fall are so awesome. Everyone should buy their CD’s and music off iTunes right away :D