EP Review: Buckcherry – Reckless Sons

Buckcherry fans who decide to spend a little more and purchase the deluxe edition of ‘All Night Long’, whether here in the UK or in the US, you will be treated to a special acoustic EP titled ‘Reckless Sons’ which features six acoustic songs in the US and seven acoustic songs here in the UK.

Most fans are unaware that ‘All Night Long’ actually started out as an acoustic album to begin with but when the band realised what they had, they decided that their new material should be taken onwards and made into a brand new studio album. As they had set out to do this from the start, the band decided to give fans a taste of their acoustic style by also including an EP which features five brand new songs and two current songs.

1. These Things (features on the album ‘All Night Long’)
2. Fire Off Your Guns
3. Black Butterfly
4. King Of Kings
5. My Friend
6. Grace
7. Sorry (features on the album ‘15’)

If you are hoping to be introduced to any new hard heavy sounding acoustic songs then be prepared to be disappointed as the band are using this EP to showcase their ballad talents. While you will know what to expect from ‘These Things’, one of the best songs from ‘All Night Long’, and ‘Sorry’, you are treated to some exceptional songs that don’t feel so much separate but part of ‘All Night Long’. While the EP sits alone, you cannot help but feel that these songs could have easily made the album and with ‘Black Butterfly’ (song), recorded during the sessions for the ‘Black Butterfly’, not making either album, it was a great choice by the band to introduce it to fans and newcomers alike in this style as they have created a song which is simply on top form.

While fans may have not been too open to a ballad EP, I think Buckcherry excel when they take their material acoustic as it shows the bands strengths and again it separates Buckcherry from ‘15’ and ‘Black Butterfly’ as they show that the band has matured and is willing to step it up to another level.

Personally I had wished for a little more acoustic power from the band but ‘Reckless Sons’ does stand its own ground and coming in at just over twenty eight minutes, you are being left empty handed.

Rating – 8


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