EP Review: Circles – The Compass

I’m not sure what it is about Australia but some of the best music in recent years has been flowing out of the country and it shows no sign of slowing down with the recent introduction of Circles.

Having interviewed vocalist Perry Kakridas back in April I knew that this EP would be fuelled by tiger blood and jizz worthy guitar riffs and hell, he wasn’t kidding.

Circles The Compass EP ArtworkFrom the EP opener ‘The Frontline’, a synth opening with a heavy and pulsating guitar groove, to the ever dominating ‘Clouds Are Gathering’, this EP leaves you annoyed and well, fair to say pissed off. Why? These two tracks alone set a bar so high for the band, and for upcoming technical/progressive metal bands, that knowing there are only six-tracks on this EP you’re already finding yourself demanding more than just thirty minutes of material.

The continued melodies, distorted and dirty guitar work mixed with some electronic drum beats and a little of ambience carry the band forward with ‘Act3’ as they mix things up before throwing us back into a progressive technical fest with ‘Eye Embedded’.

The complex and stunning opening to ‘The Design’ carries on throughout until we hit the haunting opening to ‘Ruins’, the closing track of this EP, which goes on to showcase everything from the melodic to the heavy side which sets them apart from many bands today.

The complexity of their music mixed with the vocals of Perry help to make this EP nothing but a sure fire success. In fact it doesn’t just make this EP a success but it already propels Circles to a level of success and stardom that they possibly didn’t think would be possible so quickly into their career.

If they can produce this level of intensity and pull off these complex songs live, then you can guarantee that Circles will be a force and possibly the modern day leader of this genre in the years to come.

Rating – 9


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