EP Review: Denial Machine – The Gainsaying Of Korah

At the turn of the year, Chicago metallers Denial Machine unveiled their sublime self-titled debut album, which blended technical supremacy with infectious melodies in an inspiring, expert manner. Refusing to rest on their laurels, the band have swiftly returned with a four-track EP, ‘The Gainsaying Of Korah’. This brief offering is by no means a radical deviation in style from the full-length, but a couple of subtle adjustments have been implemented, the effects of which are significant and wholly positive. The understated yet engaging metalcore that made the album such a triumph also forms the bedrock of the EP’s overall sound, and although at times there is a lack of urgency and pace about Denial Machine’s style in comparison to that of their peers, an abundance of melodic prowess ensures that their approach is no less exciting. Denial Machine The Gainsaying Of Korah ArtworkOpening track ‘Recompense’, for instance, is proof that metalcore can thrive without ferocity and brutality, with serene acoustic guitars paving the way for powerful hooks and tuneful harmonised riffs, aided by a superb, diverse performance from vocalist Eamon Skube. Furthermore, ‘Promise’ is almost ballad-like in metalcore terms, and once again, the steady pace of the track allows Denial Machine’s melodic tendencies to flourish.

Despite a relative lack of intensity, one of the main advances made by the band is an increased level of flair. This is particularly true of guitarists Mark Cichra and Mark Anderson, who indulge in more intricate, frenzied riffs on ‘Silver Tongued Devil’ and the climactic title track, capped by a brilliant virtuoso solo towards the end of ‘Promise’, which echoes In Flames at their best. Perhaps the area in which Denial Machine have progressed the most, however, is songwriting. All four tracks are impressively structured and considerably more developed than the album tracks, and it is admirable to see virtual newcomers make such vast strides in such a short period of time. What’s more, each track possesses its own clear identity; while ‘Silver Tongued Devil’ is markedly frenetic, ‘Promise’ is far more composed, with ‘Recompense’ encompassing elements of both, not to mention the grittier, more ambitious nature of ‘The Gainsaying Of Korah’. When all of these traits are accumulated, it seems somewhat bewildering that Denial Machine are not given the coverage that they evidently merit. The band already sound like veterans in their field, and if they continue to evolve at such a rapid rate, someday they will be.

Rating – 8


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