EP Review: Gallows – Death is Birth

Many were concerned when Frank Carter left Gallows and even more concerned when former guitarist/vocalist of the recently disbanded Alexisonfire stepped up to the position as vocalist for the hardcore band that many consider to be very British.

After the announcement they didn’t waste any time writing and recording their new EP that brings us a new sound from Gallows that we’re definitely not used to.

Gallows Death Is Birth Artwork‘Death is Birth’ is a new beginning for Gallows. The sound is completely different with much less melody and this change is no doubt what sparked Frank Carter to leave. It isn’t a bad sound but rather a much faster, in-your-face pace that keeps you wanting more than just one listen through.

It begins with ‘Mondo Chaos’ which is one the catchier songs on the EP, especially after hearing Wade scream/sing “You say fuck the world, I say it’s already fucked!” A lot of short chords and a few hammer on’s don’t make this the most technical punk EP that’s been put out but it does make it one of the most aggressive.

The second song ‘True Colours’ is only 37 seconds long and doesn’t do too much to make the EP great. It’s a good filler but could be better. Though this was the first song we were introduced to the new Wade/Gallows combination, the other tracks on the EP outshine this one by far.

Lyrically it’s not focused on one thing. Their last full-length ‘Grey Britain’ focused on how poor of a place London is. It seems these days the guys are more focused on pissing on absolutely everything in the world rather than combining a hatred of Canada with the already pissed off London sound. They can’t focus on one central thing anymore and in an interview Wade stated that they’re going to focus on worldly issues so that everyone can relate.

‘Death is Birth’ isn’t the greatest EP, it is however a great way to show that Wade can hang with Gallows and those who doubted him won’t do so for much longer.

‘Death is Birth’ will be available on December 5th. It is definitely worth listening to and builds a lot of anticipation to what will hopefully be a new Gallows full-length in the future.



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