EP Review: Ghosts Of Eden – Ignorance & Lies

Discovering talented unsigned bands and being able to say you were there from the beginning is always a draw to people, especially when you know that the band has the skill and talent to make it and that is what we have with Ghosts Of Eden.

The band’s debut four song EP, ‘Ignorance & Lies’, was released in January 2010 and has been met with great response from fans in the US and also here in the UK.

Ghosts Of Eden Wimpy artwork‘Ignorance & Lies’ doesn’t creep away from what you could say is a formula on this EP but this formula works on every single song without ever feeling repeated. Miles described in my interview exactly what I felt their formula is, “genuine, catchy music that is somewhat complex, yet still a lot of fun to listen to.” Ghosts Of Eden have managed to create one of the catchiest EP’s that I have ever listened to with a great mix of styles. When listening to the four songs you will find yourself picking up on different eras and genres of music every time you listen and it keeps you wanting more.

Every song on this EP picks up were the previous song left off and it doesn’t look back. The EP is full of catchy and impressive guitar riffs which take you through all means of modern rock and 80/90’s grunge. From clean riffs and catchy hooks to the downright gritty grunge fuelled power that smashes throughout this listen. Driven thick passionate bass lines and powerful drums just give the EP that edge and make it complete.

An aspect to this EP I love is that it showcases the many avenues that Ghosts Of Eden could explore with their sound which will never leave them feeling dated. Listen to one song and you can identify several genres that have fused together by the band. With the ability to bring their influences and styles together so well, their sound will always bring something new to the table but if they ever feel the need to, they can easily break into the alternative/hard rock, grunge and metal genres using their past as a perfect stepping stone.

Ghosts Of Eden are a band to keep your eye on. With a growing fan base in the US and also a new fan base here in the UK, the band are on the up to make an impact.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Rating – 9


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