EP Review: Pelican – Ataraxia/Taraxis

It’s probably not easy to write and record songs when all your band’s members have moved to different locations. But Pelican do find their way around geographical inconveniences, just like all good bands should.

On their first offering in three years – since 2009’s What We All Come To Need – the Chicago quartet bring back their signature dark, sludgy atmospheric metal and though it’s just a four-track EP, and though nothing clocks in over the six minute mark, it’s definitely satiating to fans. It’s probably going to do well to attract newer fans to this epic post-metal sound.

Pelican Ataraxia Taraxis ArtworkThe consistency is one of the best parts about the EP as we start from the mellow but dark opener ‘Ataraxia’ before we’re led on to the explosive ‘Lathe Biosas’ (the first track to be pre-released before the EP release) which has the tones and the heaviness to be a classic Pelican track. The next track, an equally heavy tune called ‘Parasite Colony,’ has so much of an Isis influence. I wasn’t surprised when I read the post-metal pioneers’ drummer Aaron Harris was helping Pelican produce the album.

There’s a strong trebled riff which gets carried on to ‘Taraxis’, and right from the doomful desert, we’re taken to depths of utter ruin, with epic riffs ringing on till the end. Forget my lament about lacking longer songs, because this entire EP is just one 18-minute mammoth sound.


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