People On Vacation

EP Review: People on Vacation – The Carry On EP

People on Vacation is the new project between Jaret Reddick (Bowling for Soup) and Ryan Hamilton (Smile Smile) and first things first, if you are expecting this EP to be like the last Bowling for Soup album then this is probably not for you, well unless you like sombre-ish music anyway.

People On Vacation The Carry On EP ArtworkPeople on Vacation are much more like Ryan’s band Smile Smile than Bowling for Soup, but with Jaret on guitar there are some traits which cross-over from BFS. The darker tones from Ryan are complimented perfectly by Jaret’s slightly more powerful voice and this just helps to set a mood that is carried throughout the EP.

With some dark lyrical themes portrayed on the album, this does lend itself perfectly to Ryan because, as he describes it, he can take people to “Sad Town” very easily, but with Jaret’s guitar skills shining through with catchy hooks that you can hear in the background, it is very quick to see that this is a match made in heaven. This is definitely an EP more for fans of slow, melodic, mainly acoustic rock/indie songs.

People on Vacation are an interesting blend, if you do enjoy your melody heavy acoustic rock then the odds are on that you will enjoy this album (even if it’s songs like Bowling for Soup’s ‘When We Die’ that you enjoy).

However, if you’re into the happy-go-lucky nature of Bowling for Soup and don’t really like songs about a ‘Rainy Day’ or being ‘Better off Dead’ then POV are not going to be for you.



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