EP Review: Run, WALK! – PEEKAY

The latest release from run,WALK! feels more like a sprint than any kind of run done by a human who doesn’t use steroids. The EP, PEEKAY is three songs long and lasts for six minutes and eight seconds. Might I mention that the time spent listening to this EP will be the most chaotic six minutes and eight seconds of your entire life.  It seems that run, WALK! are particularly good at making noise and are even better at making it so that people like it.

PEEKAY is an album that has a great blend of hardcore post-punk noise with just the right amount of melody to throw in the mix. The album begins with a song called “Virus” and its first ten seconds (along with the serene album art) would make one think that it was going to be a relatively calm album. After 10 seconds of a nice melodic bass riff and a drum high hat to count us in, we are thrown into the unpredictable song that the duo throws at the listener.  From that point forward you can expect melodic chaos that you’ll probably like but not understand why you like it.

The only problem that I could find with this incredibly short EP is that is in fact incredibly short. It is hard to tell the difference between songs and it almost sounds like it is a single that is six minutes long. Might I say an incredible single that is six minutes long; however I’d like to hear a little more diversity. Overall PEEKAY is a great EP that is just a little too short to get a perfect rating.



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I'm a student at the Kutztown University of Pennsylvania who is working on becoming a journalist. I have an interest in all genres of music but focus primarily on Metal, Punk, and Alternative Rock.

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