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EP Review: The Catharsis – God Damned

The hardcore scene is one I tend to stay away from. A lot of the time, the over-the-top brutality ends up boring me more than anything else. I did like The Ghost Of A Thousand, and surely everyone loves Refused’s ‘The Shape Of Punk To Come’ but apart from those and a few others, the scene has never really appealed to me. Every now and then, I find another band I can add to that list of hardcore bands I do actually enjoy.

The Catharsis are a new band from Birmingham, pretty much picking up where The Ghost Of A Thousand left off. ‘God Damned’ is their debut EP consisting of 4 tracks. This is rock and roll. This is engaging. This is damn well angry.

Opening track ‘Deletist’ opens with howls and growls, and the EP keeps this up until the end of closing track ‘ColdeThe Catharsis God Damned Artworkr’. The guitars have that trademark hardcore sound to them, and there is a certain groove element at times that reminds me of Every Time I Die at their most frantic.

The drum solo intro to ‘-+’ is pumelling and relentless, continuing well into the first verse during which any venue The Catharsis play in will be completely levelled. By the time the ending refrain of “Never Again!” arrives, you feel exhausted just listening to the energy pulsating from the band at hundreds of beats per minute. The short burst of blastbeats in ‘Party Scars’ along with the discordant guitars sound so perfect that you would think that this band have been around for years.

Considering this is a debut EP, the talent on display here is frightening in the best way possible. As I said, hardcore was never something I devoted myself to, but this is more than hardcore. This is rock and roll at its most impassioned.

‘God Damned’ ends with those words repeated, shouted, yelled, each time sounding more and more feriocious and fierce. The Catharsis have arrived, and what an entrance they have made.

Rating: 8


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