EP Review: Thulium – 69

Thulium may not be a household name but it seems the multi-national band based in London is making a mark online, especially on MySpace. The band is building fans fast and working with AKAmusic, they are directly involving individuals who wish to invest in the band and help produce their music, giving them something a little different.

The band released a three-song EP titled ‘69’ on 7th June which has finally giving their mass following on MySpace something to shout about and what to expect from the band in the future.

Thulium fit into your alternative and hard rock collections but the band do like to vary things up which you will hear ever so present when you first hit play on ‘69’.

The EP opens with ‘Running’ which instantly sets you into a groove with an open punk rhythm but the bands harder influences take over and power through on the bands chorus. The song is hindered by vocal production and not the most powerful lyrics but they push themselves all the way to show their desire.

‘Craving’ takes a step up and significantly improves on ‘Running’ with the bands overall sound. Thulium appears to have a better grasp of their sound here and have created a powerful, mature sounding second track to this EP.

’90 Days Of Sorrow’ is a song frontman Boubou notes as the fans favourite which happens to be a commercially sounding ballad. With a piano backing track, the band relies on the emotional vocal performance which wouldn’t be too out of depth for fans of H.I.M.

When a band is looking to make some impact, the first thing they must always do is find what works for them and what could hinder them in their progression. For Thulium, they are hindered somewhat by ‘Running’. Overall I don’t feel that the song writing and vocal performance from the band as a whole really make any waves but somehow there is a turn of pace on ‘Craving’ where the band pull it together. ’90 Days Of Sorrow’ does show the versatility of the band and on a good measure but again I feel that ‘Craving’ stands out as the type of music Thulium should be making if they wish to make it and succeed in this industry.

The EP is I can easily see being met with a negative and positive response, most of which will cancel one another out with debating certain aspects but Thulium are working effortlessly to make their dream a reality and this EP does showcase the desire which may help them make it one day.

Overall the EP does showcase a lot of promise and with more criticism and guidance from reviews and fans I feel that they could hone their sound to something commercially acceptable to radio and labels allowing them to break out of the mould.

Rating – 7


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