EP Review: Triptykon – Shatter

We make no bones about the fact that Triptykon‘s debut outing Eparistera Daimones was probably the album of the year. The utterly dark, dissonant and down-tuned guitars created a relentless sledgehammer which living legend Thomas Gabriel Fischer masterfully wielded on our ears. Naturally, then, there was giddy excitement when the Shatter EP was announced.

Triptykon Shatter EPIt starts off brilliantly too, with a gobsmacker of a title track. Remember how tracks like ‘In Shrouds Decayed’ and ‘Drown In Ashes’ (from Celtic Frost’s ‘Monotheist’) were haunting, thanks in no small part to some beautiful female vocals adding a layer of eerie melody? ‘Shatter’ follows in the same vein, with the vocals backed by a simple yet menacing rhythm and trademark dissonant guitars. It clocks in at just under five minutes and will definitely leave you begging for more. Even after a few listens we can’t help but think this will become one of the gems of Triptykon’s catalogue.

Sadly, the rest of the EP is a massive disappointment. ‘I Am The Twilight’ is a clumsy, lumbering eight-minute giant that goes around in circles and leaves you scratching your head at the end. It’s easy to see why this track never made it onto the debut album because it doesn’t seem to have any sense of purpose or urgency to it. Equally pointless is ‘Crucifixus’, which is a four-minute electronic/instrumental track that might have made for an interesting intro if it was about 75 per cent shorter.

The live tracks offer some respite and Fischer sounds on top form on both ‘Circle Of The Tyrants’ and ‘Dethroned Emperor’ – the latter in particular sounds truly venomous. They’re both great songs that have stood the test of time and sound incredibly vital on this EP.

Overall, it is hard to recommend ‘Shatter’. The title track is excellent, and the two live tracks sound good too, but considering it clocks in at just 27 minutes, and half of that is just filler, you can’t help but feel shortchanged at the end of the EP. Hardcore fans might enjoy it more, but it’s probably best to hold on to your cash and wait for the next Triptykon full-length.

Album Rating – 6


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