Festival review: Hammerfest 3, Day 1

Its 5.30pm on day 1 at Hammerfest 3 and already we’ve had some insane experiences, 4 drinks in (we arrived 30 minutes ago), another one in hand and my colleague has already had a female’s head up his skirt; and this is before the first band start!


Well anyway, first band to take the stage were a Glaswegian band called ‘Dirty Rose’. From the moment they took the stage you knew that this was not your pretentious rock festival, you were getting a full onslaught of metal, viking’s and god only knows what else! The band played a solid set of thrash and even chucked in a cover of Metallica’s Metal Militia to an ever growing crowd. A small band still but definitely one that has the potential (if it works) [7]


Next up were the first of many Welsh bands playing the festival, Triaxis, having been touted a lot by much of the metal community there was a lot to live up to for them. And they did deliver, showing that you don’t need to be a completely male band to play festivals like Hammerfest and Bloodstock, front woman Krissie belted out tune after tune and the intricate solo’s from Glyn made for a very exciting set in the pub. [8]


After this point in time things do seem a bit blurry so I can’t really give a full answer to who/what I actually saw after this…


Anyway, I know I was at the second stage to watch the underwhelming performance of Mordecai, I don’t really know how to explain it but there just wasn’t any spark to the set and if I’m honest, I remember just looking into my pint of piss (yes the beer was that bad) for the rest of their set. [5]


Finally for me (you’ll understand why in a minute) were the highly impressive Jaguar, playing a heavier set than most of the bands so far the band had the first real mosh, circle, wall of death pits of the festival and for what I saw/joined in, they were very impressive. However it was around 3 songs before the end of their set the floor got extremely slippery and I managed to twist my right now to the extent I couldn’t even stand… Good set from a good band, but I can’t really give a full justification. [7.5]


Now for anyone whose worried that they won’t get reviews of anything else that went on this weekend, don’t worry, I was back up and moving on Friday and Saturday, reports to follow…


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