Festival Review: Hammerfest 3, Day 2

After the hellacious start of Hammerfest I returned, limping slightly, to the Queen Vic pub (not Eastenders, the 3rd stage) and caught a band that when they handed me their flyer the day before I didn’t believe I’d even be conscious for.

The Mercy House are another band who just didn’t shock me, with a singer who to be honest looks a bit like he’s trying to be Justin Hawkin’s or Tommy Lee I was expecting a set of either attempted Glam or NWOBHM band. Sadly, it was the first, they sounded loud, but other than that; it was just Def Leppard meets Bon Jovi (work that out yourself). [6]

Up next were Ravenface. And musically they play a breed of metal that’s rarely seen these days, normal, just normal riffs that are downtuned and a simple drum beat to keep the rhythm, no need for any fancy shit. But I just wish they’d kept this to their sound of that, with vocals that sounded like a metalcore (albeit a bit deeper) band it just didn’t work, so unfortunately it was a good set musically but not the greatest vocally (sorry). [7]

And now the first band I actually properly knew who they were for the festival, Feed The Rhino took to stage 2 and as soon as they started you could tell they were nervous. The band play a more hardcore style of metal than most of the act’s playing and you’d more expect them to be playing alongside Hatebreed than Satyricon. But do not be fooled, the band rose to the occasion and sparked some insane mosh pits that left a few people looking a bit dazed at the end. Their music went down well and to top it off the vocalist just didn’t stop moving! It was the most energy I saw from a single band all weekend! Stellar set and worthy additions to any festival line-up. [8]

And next were another great up and coming British band, Sylosis, playing Hammerfest on the backing of their new album ‘Edge Of The Earth’. It started out quite slow (not the music, the crowd) but as the band played more and more you could tell both they and the fans were enjoying it more and more. There was also a sense of optimism in the air that this was the band’s chance, a way to show they’re not just a lower order band any more, but a band who can step up to the plate easily. And as soon as Josh called for a wall of death about 3 or 4 tracks in, that sense was proven. Another quality set from a band who are just on the up and up. [8.5]. PS. Keep a look out for my interview with the band in the coming week.

After Sylosis it was a hasty move back to catch new Roadrunner signings Revoker. I was extremely glad we decided to do this, the band have a similar edge to what Bullet For My Valentine do, well the early stuff (and let’s be honest, that’s the best that BFMV ever produced) and it showed through in their live show! Playing a set of metal that sounded a bit like Metallica-esque driven music the band encapsulated anyone in the crowd and played a corker of a set, they are definitely a band to look out for in the future and with their debut album just around the corner, the future might not be too far away. [7.5]

After Revoker I thought I would be watching Godsized, but no, I was met with the sight of Sanctorum, the touring mates of My Ruin. If I’m honest, I was disappointed by this, more due to the fact it still said Godsized on the timetables when we arrived! And the band didn’t really do much to levy my disappointment, they played such a generic set that I couldn’t really concentrate, I stayed till the end but only because I couldn’t be bothered moving until I knew Turisas were starting on main stage. Very disappointed here. [5]

Now for the band billed as sub-headliners but after this explosive set I think most people who saw them won’t disagree that it was a worthy headline show. Turisas are another band who have returned with a new album and to be honest, they’ve finally shown that they’re not just “that band who covered Rasputin” anymore. With this crowd the chants of ‘Battle! Metal!’ could be heard all day long before the set and as soon as the band took the stage it was a full on onslaught of Viking rock and metal that had everyone loving themselves! I’ve never seen Turisas before but to be honest, I’ll definitely be seeing them again! And yes, they did play Rasputin, and yes, the crowd did lose their minds! Best band of the weekend by a mile! [10]

Tonight’s headline act, 80’s metal band, Accept were up next on the main stage and after following on from Turisas I struggled to see anything getting better. Unfortunately I was right, don’t get me wrong Accept were amazing and the encore of ‘Balls To The Wall’ made my night, but just their wasn’t enough following Turisas. The band played a set that encompassed their entire career from their debut album all the way through to their first album with Mark Tornillo, 2010’s ‘Blood Of The Nations’. And to be honest, I knew more songs than I thought! It was a great surprise to hear ‘Metal Heart’ played live and I thoroughly enjoyed a more calmed set of proper metal and rock n’ roll from the usual destruction that was on site all weekend. Definitely a worthy headliner and I’d suggest to anyone who enjoys old school Metallica or similar should go see Accept if they can! [8]

Oh, it’s not over yet. Where at most shows or festivals the headline band is the last on, not at Hammerfest, for those of us still conscious and wanting more, we could get more. After a leisurely walk to stage 2 I managed to catch the majority of the set by US metal act My Ruin. And I have to admit, they timed their set completely wrong by having it at the end of a UK tour, there was almost no crowd wanting to see them. And to be honest, the music wasn’t much better. After all the touting from the music industry I actually thought My Ruin would have something else, but they didn’t. They were just another generic female fronted metal band. They didn’t have the intricacy of the vocals Lacuna Coil have, the operatic style that both Nightwish and Within Temptation have by the scruff of the neck or even the pure hatred Arch Enemy seem to portray. They had more of a “we’re a metal band, but we’ve got a female vocalist so we win” feel about them. I have a feeling a lot of people will want to tear me limb from limb for this but to be honest, I was bored! [5]


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