Festival Review: Hammerfest 3, Day 3

Now, after the incoherence of the aftermath of Friday night we get to the final day of Hammerfest (yeah, Saturday, trust me, it messed with me) and with the sun shining brightly we headed towards to the pub for our first band of the day.


The music started out pretty good from Severenth, sounding like a slightly more riff-tastic version of all the metalcore music we tend to see these days. But if I’m honest, there stage presence let them down, they had a lot of it, but it was the wrong type, if I remember fully this is the band who ended up having their vocalist hardcore dancing in front of the crowd in a tiny little pub (yeah, it doesn’t work in big venue’s and it’s even worse in pubs). Sorry lads, keep playing the music (well maybe cut some of the clean vocals) but cut the ballocks on stage. [6]


There was then quite a big gap between seeing bands, well I “saw” Svart Crown but to be honest, I wasn’t really paying too much attention as the beer had started flowing so the next band I caught were a band from Newport called Ten Cent Toy.


If you look at each member of Ten Cent Toy there isn’t that much you’d expect, a short bald guy on lead guitar, a tall-ish guy with a mini afro on bass, another small dude on the drums and a short bloke with short hair on vocals/back up guitar, boy looks can be deceiving. Vocalist Kevin has a voice that wouldn’t sound out of place on a guy a foot taller than he is and bassist Pit has a strong stage presence that just makes everyone else on stage almost seem static. Couple that with the intricate guitars and pounding drums and you’ve got a good setup for a thrash entourage which if the venue had been bigger might’ve pulled off a circle pit. Great set from a new band and definitely one of my new found bands of the festival. [8] (PS. Keep your eyes peeled for a rather, interesting, interview with Ten Cent Toy in the near future).


“Dom, you’re a fat, unfunny cunt”. Now that’s out the way onto the review of Oaf, the band founded by Metal Hammer/Classic Rock writer/internet blogger Dom Lawson and his mate James. Now, the band are extremely loud and sometimes Dom can be difficult to understand shouting down a mic, but the drumming is simple but impeccable and the bass playing, as much as its simple is very very effective for the music that they are playing. Where most bands play there set with a sense of seriousness about them you can tell Oaf are just having fun with a lot of jibes between Dom, James and the crowd and when your singing songs with titles like ‘Tiny When Erect’ and ‘Wanking With A Fistful Of Shit’ you’ve got to have something pulling your set together. A fun set with the power of punk as well, a welcome break from the normal heavy metal. [7]


Brighton metal act Furyon are another one who are highly tipped to go far in the world of metal, and when there town mates Sylosis have started pulling away Furyon always have a way to get closer to them again. With a set of metal/rock filled anthems you can tell the band are extremely thankful for the set that they have been given and they enjoy every minute of it. With some crowd interaction lacking the band play enough music to keep the crowd that stayed to watch them enough interest. Maybe not the perfect festival for them, but they definitely rise to the challenge. If you get the chance, I would say check them out. [7]


Last up, well for me anyway, after this I was too drunk/tired to really cover anything were metal masters Entombed. Coming to Hammerfest they played a massive set that was met with hugely great reception from the masses who conjoined to watch them play. With a new album due out early next year this was just a small taster of what can probably be expected if the band bring over a headline tour. And to be honest, it was worth it, not the greatest band ever, but a solid set that just made you both want to go metal and mosh as well as drink like a fish at the exact same time. Entombed are extremely good live and quite a good way to round out the festival. [7.5]


I hope everyone who has read my reviews has enjoyed my coverage of the festival and I’ll see you again (festival review wise) in June for Download!


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