Fozzy – Chasing The Grail

I am a prejudiced fool, and I owe one very good band a very heartfelt apology.

Got your attention? Good, now go aannd check out the new Fozzy record because it is great.

I stubbornly kept away from it, thinking it was only getting press because the vocalist was a wrestler. And as much as I enjoyed watching Chris Jericho when I was 12, I really couldn’t see him fronting a good rock band. Besides, what kind of name is Fozzy anyway? Bunch of wannabes, trying to act like rockstars.

Then, because some small vestige of reason was thankfully still alive in my head, I put Chasing The Grail into my laptop and actually gave the thing a listen. 65 minutes later, I submit this grovelling apology to Messrs. Jericho, Ward, Delson and Fontsere.

Chasing The Grail isn’t just an interesting record, it’s a bloody great rock n’ roll record. Ever been a fan of Ozzy or Black Label Society? You’ll like this, I promise. At times, if you shut your eyes and forget you’re listening to Fozzy, you’ll swear it really is the new Ozzy album. Which is not to say this is a blatant rip-off; oh no. Under Blackened Skies is a musical version of a hundred horses stampeding, with its double quick double-bass, whilst Martyr No More is aptly described as having a Dimebag feel in the liner notes.  Peter Frampton even guests on the album closer Wormwood – a near 14 minute monster which manages to be epic without descending knee-deep into cheesy cliché (learn something from this, Dragonforce).

It’s not all smooth sailing, not by a long shot. Generic mellow ballad Broken Soul makes you wish you were one yourself and anyone who is against euthanasia will be convinced otherwise once they hear the vocal line on New Day’s Dawn. But on the whole this is such a good album, you really won’t care. Don’t be a fool like I was and just get it, will you?


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