Gig Review: Avenged Sevenfold/Stone Sour – Glasgow, October 26th

Arriving at the venue about 5 minutes before the doors were due to open I was slightly shocked to find out just how long the queue to the SECC was, there was quite possibly 8,000 people in front of me all queuing for potential the biggest gig in Scotland this year, well at the very least, the biggest metal/hard rock gig in Scotland this year. Hellyeah, Stone Sour and Avenged Sevenfold were all here to make that one thing happen!

I’m far from a Hellyeah fan on record, actually I think they are quite boring, but live, that’s a completely different matter! Vinnie Paul and his band mates put the sort of energy into a show you expect from a group of 20-somethings, not a group of men in their late 30?s. Playing through classic tracks and songs from their latest album, ‘Stampede’, Hellyeah had a crowd you’d never expect to see at a Avenged Sevenfold show in the palm of their hands and they loved it! Playing a stellar half an hour set they left the stage to be replaced by none other than Stone Sour. [8]

Right before the light’s dropped, the PA system got a lot louder for one song, ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen, as soon as that finished the lights dropped and a big orchestral opening followed for Stone Sour, pretentious or what? From the get go, Corey Taylor and the rest of the band showed they have every right to be pretentious! Opening with ‘Mission Statement’ the band played a set that spanned all three of their albums, including an emotional moment (as ever) when Corey donned a guitar and the rest of the band left the stage for ‘Bother’. The last time I heard that song live, Corey was in tears at this years Download Festival. Ending on classic Stone Sour track ’30/30-150′ Corey, Jim, Josh, Shawn and Roy took their bows after proving they belong in the biggest venues the country has to offer! [9]

Not to be outdone, Avenged Sevenfold brought even more to the table! With a full stage set-up of a cemetery, the band opened with a haunting rendition of new album opener and title ‘Nightmare’. After playing half a set with varied results from ‘Critical Acclaim’ to ‘Buried Alive’ the backing changed completely to a huge picture of fallen drummer Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan. The band then went on to play ‘So Far Away’ in “Jimmy’s favourite country” and the crowd possibly sung the loudest I have ever heard a crowd sing for one  song, followed by the chant of “Jimmy” you could tell it meant a lot to the band. The band did play an amazing set but I felt there were a few songs missing that left me a little disappointed, mainly ‘Seize The Day’ (although that may have reduced me to tears after ‘So Far Away’ and ‘Afterlife’) and ‘Bat Country’. Overall though, Avenged Sevenfold cemented their place back in my heart and back in Glasgow history! [8]


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