Black Stone Cherry

Gig Review: Black Stone Cherry, O2 Academy, Glasgow, 24th March 2012

Looking across the crowd tonight, there are a lot of old school rock fans, KISS and Poison t-shirts are everywhere. For me that never bodes well in regards to atmosphere, and tonight my thoughts were correct.

Rival Sons on record sound pretty brilliant, they have their own spin on southern blues influenced rock and it works well for them. Live however, they seem to lose that edge, and it falls waste to sounding like a bad Black Stone Cherry tribute band at times. They may look the part as they swagger about onstage, songs like ‘Torture’ and ‘Sleepwalker’ have the swing and the tone required to get your head rocking along, however something about Jay Buchanan’s vocals leaves it a little flat. He has the power and the range, he just doesn’t seem to fully utilise that here tonight. A band to look out for, hopefully tonight was just an off moment.

I previously mentioned the older fans in the crowd and their presence is felt tonight and not in the most positive sense. There is little atmosphere in the venue, and even as Black Stone Cherry take to the stage it does not improve any. Blasting out ‘Blind Man’ the band sound on top form, vocalist Chris Robertson does have an incredible voice, but they just lack interaction, between themselves and with everyone in the venue. They go through the standard moves and say the right things, but you never feel a connection between the band and the casino online crowd.

No rock and roll show is complete without a drum solo, and Mr John Fred Young is more than happy to oblige that routine. Then the barrage of covers begin, be it acoustic death metal, Nirvana or even Adele, it just seems like time wasting to me. They don’t play a rather long set, but pad it out by putting 4 songs of filler into the set list, that isn’t what their fans are here for. Anyway, back to the real music. Those in the crowd who actually care enough to move and sing along are lapping up songs like ‘Blame It On The Boom Boom’ and ‘Things My Father Said’. The night draws to a close following an encore and ‘Lonely Train’ thunders through the venue, possibly the highlight of the night and it is the last night, seems a bit sad.

Rating – 7


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