Gig Review: Bon Jovi – Murrayfield, Edinburgh, June 22nd 2011

It’s wet, it’s miserable, but who cares? Bon-freaking-Jovi are playing Murrayfield!

After two completely forgettable support acts the band that everyone is here to see, Bon Jovi, take to the stage at just after 8pm. With a huge stage that includes a massive screen behind the band and more lights than I could count, the stage show alone promises to be something to behold.

Opening with a 1-2 of Blood on Blood into the massive anthem You Give Love a Bad Name (complete with its own cinematic on the big screen) the crowd gave the biggest round of applause I have ever seen for the end of a second song! You would honestly have thought that the band had just ended their set, that is how loud the cheering and clapping was!

Throughout the set the lighting was used to great effect. It was used to illuminate Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, David Bryan and Hugh McDonald when they were playing their own little bits and solo’s. Speaking of Richie Sambora, he is definitely one of the best active guitarists on the circuit at the moment! The solos and just the riffs in general were huge and had the crowd hooked throughout.

Continuing the set with old and new hits including Bad Medicine, Runaway and We Weren’t Born to Follow (all complete with cinematics) the crowd were constantly bouncing and singing back every word. They say Bon Jovi fans are devoted, I think a stronger word is needed.

Finishing on massive hits Have a Nice Day and Keep the Faith the crowd sang along every word; during Have a Nice Day the band decided to just stop and allow the crowd to finish off what was required.

Of course this is all before the encore! Five massive hits including Wanted Dead or Alive, These Days and the absolutely magnificent Livin’ on a Prayer had the crowd just begging for more, and when the PA music came back on, you could genuinely tell so many people were disappointed that it was all over.

Check out some fan filmed footage of Livin’ on a Prayer below:

My only complaint of the night didn’t even come from the band, because of the way Murrayfield is designed some of the sound just kept reverberating back and it meant that there was double sound for some of the slower softer songs, no such problem for the bigger tracks though!

All in all a fantastic show, Bon Jovi are band at the top of their game, and they know it. Not many bands can captivate a crowd of this size on a nightly basis, but Bon Jovi did not seem to have a problem. To quote a member of the crowd “I came in not really knowing much Bon Jovi, other than the biggest of their hits, but I’ve come out just wanting more and for the show to never stop!”

Rating – 9.5


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2 Responses to “Gig Review: Bon Jovi – Murrayfield, Edinburgh, June 22nd 2011”

  1. well I suppse it’s ok if your a baldy fudgpacker or a woman no one likes gay rock

  2. Just because you do not like Bon Jovi does not mean nobody does. And the fact that there was well over 50,000 people at Murrayfield and they played other near sold-out dates proves that they are an in demand band. As for the “gay rock” comment, yes the band are softer rock but had it not been for bands like them then there potentially may not have been the massive alt-rock scene that’s come out of America.

    Each to their own sir, you’ve got your music and everyone else has theres.