Gig review: Buckcherry @ Arches, Glasgow, 10th June 2011

The Arches in Glasgow is more known for holding DJ sets to a bunch of wild drunk and drugged up teenagers but tonight it was home to a sold out crowd of wild and pretty drunk Buckcherry fans as the band made their return to Glasgow.

G.U. Medicine[7] opened the show tonight and although I only caught the last few songs in their set, having seen the band previously I could tell what they were bringing tonight was a carbon copy of their previous performance. The four-piece from South Yorkshire brought their mix of hard rock, metal and punk and had the crowd truly getting into their set and with more people piling forward as their set came to an end I think they could have benefitted from an extra couple of songs just to set their mark on the night.

Next up were Slaves To Gravity[5] again another band I have caught before but having put in a forgettable performance then, I was hoping they would strike a chord tonight but having stated on Facebook they were blowing off the cobwebs the night before, I wasn’t expecting much. The band tried their best to put on a performance to woo a crowd who were obviously excited to see them but never at any point did they push out of first gear. Terrible feedback issues during the first song didn’t stop the band as they deafened the audience by refusing to sort the issue as they blasted on through another two songs. Weak vocal performances and some sloppy guitar work just spelled doom early during the bands set. Diehard fans appeared to love it and the band did work hard to give something for them but sadly lack of rehearsing and the cobwebs seemed very clear.

Buckcherry BandIn the long narrow tunnel that is The Arches, Buckcherry[9] came out on fire and opened the venue up to what felt like near arena size as they gave the sell-out crowd exactly what they wanted and more.

Opening with ‘Dead’ from their brand new album ‘All Night Long’, Buckcherry wanted to get the party started with their sleazy and sexy sound and they hit the nail right on the head as not one person in the audience stood still. Flowing straight into fan favourite ‘Rescue Me’ before kicking into overdrive with ‘All Night Long’, Buckcherry did not come to play this safe, they wanted to show the fans in Glasgow that they are masters of their craft.

Performing tracks from their full catalogue of hits as they mixed between ‘Everything’ and ‘Next To You’ from ‘15’ and ‘Oh My Lord’ and ‘It’s A Party’ from ‘All Night Long’ the band were prepared to give fans a good range of material when they hit out with ‘Lit-Up’ and ‘Lawless And Lulu’ from their self-titled debut in 1999 before ‘Slamin’’ home their follow up ‘Time Bomb’.

‘Recovery’, a song not many fans may have expected in their set but as they road tested it in Europe and the reception was incredible, they decided Glasgow was next and the reception to it was the very same.

Slowing the night down as they performed ‘Sorry’ the crowd knew the set was coming to an end shortly but before the band would leave the stage for their encore they performed their biggest hit to date in ‘Crazy Bitch’. The Arches rocked to its foundations as the crowd bounced and out-performed Josh Todd on vocals, so much to the point that Todd stopped singing and allowed the crowd to do his job for him as he bounced around on stage and controlled the crowd like a veteran.

Buckcherry BandAs the band ended their set they performed ‘Out Of Line’ from ‘15’ before asking who had ‘Time Bomb’ and powering through ‘Whiskey In The Morning’ to end their set only leaving fans wanting more.

The return of Buckcherry to Glasgow was not only loved and appreciated by the fans but by the band themselves who stated it was possibly their best ever UK show and it is quite understandable why as the crowd never stopped bouncing and never left the members thinking that they were alone on stage.

Having met Josh and Keith in their dressing room before the gig, the energy was already high as they were having fun, joking around and ready to go and it showed that night why many consider them one of the best live bands around today.


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