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Gig Review: Children Of Bodom + Amon Amarth + Ensiferum, Glasgow ABC – 3rd April 2011

Finnish metal titans Children of Bodom are currently out on their “Ugly World Tour” and the UK leg hit Glasgow, Scotland this past Sunday (April 3rd) with support coming from Machinae Supremacy, Ensiferum and Amon Amarth.

Thanks to the guest list system at the ABC in Glasgow I completely missed Machinae Supremacy but I was there for the start of Ensiferum, god the start was an eruption! From the moment the double bass kicked in during the first track the crowd went nuts, a huge circle pit was formed within 5 seconds and there was carnage all over the place. A set that definitely felt at home in Scotland of Viking metal made sure that Ensiferum received rapturous applause and definitely had a chance of stealing the show. [9]

Up next were Amon Amarth who were main support but also out in support of their own new album, Surtur Rising. Opening with the opening track from that album the band quickly got into their rhythm and played a set that consisted of new tracks as well as old crowd favourites such as Guardians Of Asgaard and Twilight Of The Thunder God. Having seen Amon Amarth back when they opened for Slayer in 2008 I knew vaguely what to expect and I got that, unfortunately it just didn’t did not quite reach the levels of Ensiferum. [7]

And finally tonight’s headline act Children of Bodom, out support their recent album Relentless, Reckless, Forever they too started with the opening track from that offering. After this the band played Bodom Beach Terror but most of the intricacy was lost when an amp failed during the song, not to be disheartened while the amp was being fixed keyboardist Janne started an instrumental rendition of Bon Jovi classic Living On A Prayer, which the crowd very graciously joined in with. Once the technical hitch was fixed the set sounded a lot better and the band continued on with a set of old classics and new tracks which to be honest work a lot better in the live environment than the album one. Apart from missing a few Bodom classics such as Are You Dead Yet? The band played a stellar set that in my opinion shows they still have the potential to go all the way as a huge band. Unfortunately for them as well, they were still overshadowed by the prowess that was Ensiferum on the night, and not mentioning the new album at all was a mistake from Alexi and co. [8]


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2 Responses to “Gig Review: Children Of Bodom + Amon Amarth + Ensiferum, Glasgow ABC – 3rd April 2011”

  1. I am gonna have to disagree with you on Amon Amarth’s performance. They outplayed Children of Bodom big time, unfortunately. I was there to support CoB, but left the gig feeling disappointed – and at the same time pleasantly surprised by Amon Amarth’s performance. They had the best sound of the night, which of course was effected by CoB’s technical difficulties BUT not entirely.
    Ensiferum were indeed amazing, never really given them too much of my time until this gig. Had to go and get a hold of their albums afterwards.

  2. Having seen both bands live I did kinda know what to expect; I felt as if Bodom had improved a lot more than what Amon Amarth did but that could easily have just been my perception about the show. To each their own and so long as the night was enjoyed, it was a good night.