Gig review: Ihsahn at the Electric Ballroom, London

You have to be totally at ease with your own genius to put out an album as incredible as ‘After’ and then do next to no touring in support of it. Fortunately, Ihsahn decided to grace London for a one-off gig, and what a gig it was.

The sound mix may not have been the best, but excitement was so high and Ihsahn’s commitment to his material so absolute that there was no denying a less-than-full Electric Ballroom an amazing night. To make things even better, the ex-Emperor frontman was joined by Jorgen Munkeby on saxophone, the same man who recorded the jazz instrument on ‘After’. The combination is nothing if not electric, and one can only imagine how so many musicians managed to fit onto a relatively small stage.

From instant classics like ‘The Barren Lands’ and ‘Frozen Lakes On Mars’ to older cuts like ‘Thus Spake The Nightspirit’ and ‘The Tongue Of Fire’, this gig had everything. A pity about the sound, because that would have made this a truly stellar show.

Gig rating – 8


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