Gig Review: Manowar – Glasgow, O2 Academy, November 1st 2011

Last night after a long, long time Manowar made their return to Scotland. Playing Glasgow’s O2 Academy this tour was one of the most anticipated in a long time, and the ticket price definitely showed that. However, the venue was surprisingly empty with the upstairs not even accessible. That being said, this is fucking Manowar, there could’ve been three people there and it wouldn’t have mattered.

Playing what was essentially a double set with no support might be seen as a risk for most bands, but bands like Manowar can do it with ease and they proved that by playing one set that was predominantly filled with tracks from their debut ‘Battle Hymns’ and a set of massive hits the band strolled through a twenty song set with no real issues.

Songs like ‘Kings of Metal’, ‘Shell Shock’ and ‘Death Tone’ were all met with a very audible reaction from the crowd, but the fact is said crowd didn’t care how few of them where here. They where there to see one of the most energetic and best live bands the planet can offer.

A massive climax of Black, Wind, Fire and Steel brought to a close a great show, and considering that this was the first show of the bands UK tour it would be expected that there is still more to come from a band that cannot really be faltered. Manowar are back in the UK and if you don’t enjoy it, something is wrong with you.

My only drawback from the show was having to wait nearly two hours from doors opening until Manowar actually started due to there being no support, I don’t believe Manowar need a support; but it would maybe have been a better idea to start the show a little earlier.

Rating: 9


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