Gig Review: Metal Hammer Razor Tour (Sylosis, Bleed From Within, While She Sleeps) – Cathouse, Glasgow – Feb 23rd 2011

The Metal Hammer Razor tour pulled up into Glasgow this past Wednesday with an array of bands all looking to breakthrough into the open. Unfortunately due to the system the venue used to get people in I missed Anterior so my review is going to be starting from Sheffield hardcore act While She Sleeps.

As soon as the band took to the stage there was a sense of anticipation and excitement from the crowd, you could tell that even though they were the support act they were very liked to be on this bill.

The band started out really well; playing songs with massive breakdowns and getting as much crowd participation as you possibly can from a venue as small as Glasgow’s Cathouse. Throughout their half an hour set the band proved that they can go further in this genre and probably within the next year or so they could be headlining these venue’s themselves. However, it wasn’t all rosy, some tech problems with the mic seemed to be hampering the band as the mic just seemed far too loud or the vocals were too growled so the PA system couldn’t render them properly. However, it was a good, strong performance from a rising band. [7]

Next up were Glasgow’s own Bleed From Within. Now the Cathouse is a very familiar venue to these guys and you could tell straight away as the lead singer was climbing all over the structure of the tiny stage and even joined the crowd during one of the songs! Once again, another band with a huge ton of energy, Bleed From Within have what it takes to at the very least get up to the next tier of venue’s, they just need that little push. My only issue during Bleed From Within if I’m honest is the way they controlled the crowd. They play a very similar style of music to bands like As I Lay Dying but as soon as they start getting the crowd working they try to get them to essentially hardcore dance, I’m sorry but at a metal gig, leave all that crap at the Bring Me The Horizon concert, or better yet, at home! Sorry guys, great music and great energy but just change your crowd systems. [7]

And finally there were tonight’s headliners, Reading shredders Sylosis came back to Glasgow with an arsenal of thrash tracks that spanned two fully released albums and the new album, Edge Of The Earth. Fans were treated to a wide mix of tracks from the bands entire catalogue, opening with the opening track to previous album, After Lifeless Years and ending on the title track to that album, Conclusion Of An Age, which I guess is quite an apt ending considering this is the last tour the band will be playing before the release of the new album. Tonight though, was another example that people keep wondering where our next big acts are coming from? Personally, I think Sylosis could be the next Slayer, heavy, brutal, never quite selling out, but fans loving them more than anything! Who knows, this time, the metal revolution could be a British thing! I wish I could say this was a perfect performance from a great band though; some technical issues with the sound and a slight lack of crowd interaction were the 2 biggest drawbacks from what would have made this a brilliant performance! Besides this, if you’re going to either Hit The Deck or Hammerfest, you have to give these guys a check! [8]


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