Gig Review: Murderdolls – The Relentless Garage

This was the furthest I’ve ever travelled for a concert, 450-ish miles, with a 4am wake up to make it and I just knew, this was going to be a special night!

Opening the night are British rock act Japanese Voyeurs. Sporting an arsenal of music that sounds like it belongs in this venue, the band are let down about 90 seconds into their set by the female vocalist. The music coming from the other members of the band is so powerful and heavy, yet when she sings, you would think you were listening to a twelve year old, and looking at one to boot!

The band could probably do well in this sort of venue in the future, but having been brought in to support Murderdolls, the crowd are hostile and they just don’t get going whatsoever. If this band were to progress, their vocalist needs to toughen up and not sound so young, or change the music to suit her voice.

Rating – 4

“It’s been 7 years since we were last in the UK, it’s been too long!” screams Wednesday 13 on the Murderdolls first show back in the UK since they reformed from their hiatus. Since the bands split, Wednesday 13 and Joey Jordison have worked on other project but now they are back in support of their brand new album, ‘Women And Children Last’ (read my review here).

Opening with album opener, ‘World According To Revenge’, the lights go out and you just know what’s about to happen. Launching into ‘Chapel Of Blood’ the entire venue goes insane at the sight of Joey Jordison and Wednesday 13 taking to the tiny stage of the Relentless Garage.

Throughout the set the band seem to change orders around, well Joey does, and bring a comedic side to their stage show as well as the power of the music. Wednesday 13 never performs more than two songs without interacting with the crowd at least once, and when one man decides to crowd surf naked, Wednesday can’t help but draw attention to the situation.

Playing a set that must have been at least 23 songs long, the band showed that they’re not just going to play songs from one album or the other and mixed it up all night long, while keeping classic Murderdolls tracks like ‘She Was A Teenage Zombie’ and ‘Die My Bride’ alive and rocking.

Ending on Murderdolls biggest track ‘I Love To Say Fuck’, Wednesday 13 sports an umbrella with the word ‘FUCK’ on it, with duct-tape.

The band also announced during the show that they will be filming the video for ‘Nowhere’ within a week, so look out for that on your TV and on the internet.

This may have been their first UK show in seven years, but based on the enjoyment the band seemed to get, I don’t think this or their Ozzfest appearance the following night will be their last.

The Murderdolls are back, and they’re ready to fuck you up!

Rating – 9


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