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Gig Review: Norma Jean and The Chariot, O2 ABC2, Glasgow, 28th February 2012

Wall to wall chaos is the only way to describe The Chariot’s live performance. Within the first two songs we have three people injured and being forced to leave the venue while others sway side to side as they try to survive but the sheer energy within the room means that no-one is safe. As Josh Scogin announces that his microphone is our microphone and his stage is our stage, an endless barrage of crowd surfing, stage diving and guest vocals take over proceedings. ‘Long Live’ material dominates their short set with songs such as ‘Even Parks’ and the fan favourite ‘The City.’ Fans of the older material are treated to tracks from ‘The Fiancée’ and the ‘Unsung EP’ and they even throw in a cover of The Who’s ‘My Generation’ for good measure. As the crowd take over the stage, The Chariot make their way into the crowd and the distinction between band members and fans is a struggle. Jon “KC Wolf” Kindler, one of the most entertaining stage performers that I have ever witnessed, leaves the stage to exit a side entrance to the main floor. As he exits he finds that he has the long corridor from the stage to the venue doors all to himself and uses this opportunity to go batshit crazy as the crowd watch on. After he almost decapitates a young girl, he and Stephen Harrison decide to crawl over the ceiling support beams but with only a small lip for grip, Stephen falls from the support beam head first into the crowd while he continues to perform. Although there is so much energy on stage and within the room, never does The Chariot sacrifice their music with a very tight performance.

It is difficult to follow a band like The Chariot, in fact it must be near impossible on some occasions but Norma Jean don’t waste any time as they look to kick into everyone’s reserve tank and take it up a notch, something I never thought would be possible. ‘Leaderless And Self Enlisted’ kicks off their set which covers their full catalogue. ‘A Grand Scene For A Colour Film’ follows before ‘Face:Face’ from the Josh Scogin era sends the crowd into a frenzy. The members of Norma Jean may not be hanging from the ceiling or spinning up and down the corridor but that doesn’t make their live set any less exciting. With a non-stop flurry of fans surfing onto the stage, Norma Jean continue to push themselves and the crowd as they look to prove why they are headlining. ‘Robots: 3, Humans: 0,’ Dilemmachine: Coalition, Hoax’ and ‘Basterdizer’ continue the versatile set as the hunger grows within Cory. The carefully selected set list which covers their full catalogue only enhances the night. Giving fans a little piece of everything assures that no-one will leave unsatisfied. As the band perform the opening notes to ‘Memphis Will Be Laid to Waste’ from their debut album ‘Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child,’ Josh Scogin returns to the stage to perform the song he wrote alongside Cory. The roof almost lifted with the response Josh received as he joined his former band and they made sure it would be a finish that no-one would forget.

A show featuring The Chariot and Norma Jean already sounds exciting but you can never be ready for something of that magnitude. The energy and passion from both bands is unrivalled and to put it simply, it has been the best gig in the city for some time now. Glasgow has been laid to waste.


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