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Gig Review: Rise Records European Tour, Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, 22nd September 2011

Rise Records rolled into Europe and after kicking off with a number of dates around the UK the tour rolled into Glasgow where I was fortunate enough to catch the three main bands Dream On Dreamer (no longer with the comma), The Color Morale and Memphis May Fire.

Up first were two local support acts, the first of which forgot to mention their name to the crowd who turned up early but I mean who wants to know your bands name, right? As they didn’t state their name I shall call them 99p Baby Walkers [2], simply because they didn’t look old enough to be out at this time on a school night never mind on stage performing mediocre death/metalcore. I couldn’t really figure out what was going on or what the mumbling was supposed to represent as it certainly wasn’t an attempt at vocals. The constant focussing on how his hair sat while the other band members tried to keep in check with each other was a disaster from the moment their mums gave them a night off from homework to go play rock band. My Friend The Arsonist [6] followed them and were a far superior band. They fit into the night with a good mix of metalcore and hardcore with electronic elements on top. Nothing original to what has been done before but a lot of energy and definitely a local act to be watching out for.

Dream On Dream [8] (now minus the comma) were the first main band of the night and they are my new Bring Me The Horizon. When Bring Me The Horizon were up and coming I never got it. Frankly when I listen to them on record I still don’t get what it is about them that makes people go crazy but then I saw them live, and now I understand what it was all about. Dream On Dreamer fall into the same category for me. While on record they don’t excite me the way other albums do, yet they stand out a lot better than any BMTH album, they are another animal live. It isn’t until you see and feel the emotion and energy that you really understand what they are trying to do and I don’t think the album truly reflects what this band are about. I have read many negative reviews about their debut album but I suggest to everyone, if you have heard the album or not, that you take time to go to a Dream On Dreamer live show in order to fully understand what they are capable of.

The Color Morale [8] were the main support tonight and I won’t lie, I had little knowledge of the band prior to this tour. When the tour was announced I took some time to find out who they were and to listen to some songs but I wasn’t prepared for what was to come. It was obvious from the second the stage was set up for them that fans couldn’t wait for their music to hit and they came out with force. Heavy hitting songs fuelled by passion and they looked like they were prepared to die tonight and if they did they would go out the only way they knew how. Fan connection is a key aspect to their set and while they actively worked with the crowd by giving them the mic to sing vocals or making sure that every fist was bumped, it was the standard speech that every vocalist gives which stood out. We all know it is part of the job of a vocalist to state that this is the best gig yet on the tour to rally the fans but this time, instead of the usual speech, they took the opportunity to state what having fans meant to them and every word was honest. While you could be mistaken for the usual lines, every word felt honest and they didn’t want a single ear not to hear how much they appreciate the support. They are willing to give their all back to those who do so and it was a perfect fit to a warm set. That speech not only fuelled the fans to give that little bit more but it kicked the band into another gear as they fed from the reaction.

Memphis May Fire [9] may have been a little worried when they took to the stage to find that three quarters of the crowd who were there for The Color Morale had now disappeared. This didn’t stop them from kicking into their set like it was a sold-out show and there was a sea of faces in front of them. It didn’t take long before the crowd who had disappeared to return and the numbers had appeared to grow for the headliners set. Just like The Color Morale, Memphis May Fire were out to give it their all and leave everything they had on the stage for their fans. What the other bands brought to the stage, Memphis May Fire looked to outdo by taking the intensity to another level. There was a reason why Memphis May Fire were headlining this tour and their experience showed as musically they were very tight but also they knew how to pace themselves and make sure that when required, they could excel on different parts of the song without sacrificing their set later on. On stage the band worked off one another and everything was so clean, well as clean as their sound can be.

While the crowd numbers may have not been great for tonight the bands didn’t let this effect their performance and made sure that they gave it their all, apart from the 99p Baby Walkers that is. Rise Records are building a roster of some of the strongest bands around today and tonight was just a taster of what they can unleash at any given time.


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