Gig Review: Saxon, HMV Picture House, Edinburgh, December 17th 2011

With their first visit to Scotland’s capital, Hammerfall [8] seemed intent on bringing their all. With the set opening with ‘Heeding The Call’ and also containing hits such as ‘Blood Bound’ and ‘Let The Hammer Fall,’ you can easily forgive the Swede’s for only managing to fit nine songs into their forty five minute time slot. That being said it was the way that the band handled themselves on stage that impressed me most. Throughout their set there was a feeling that they were a more accomplished Manowar (or equivalent) on stage and the only real difference being between them being that Hammerfall seemed to have left the ego’s backstage. A final onslaught of ‘One More Time’ into ‘Hearts on Fire’ brought an end to the set but if the crowd’s reaction here was anything to go by, this will not be Hammerfall’s last visit to our capital.

With a career spanning thirty five years and nineteen studio albums, it’s a wonder that Saxon [8] can even fit an entire set into their two hour allotted time slot. Opening with ‘Hammer of the Gods,’ the opening track from new album ‘Call to Arms,’ Saxon set a tone for the rest of the evening that they are just as good as ever.

With a set list that spans their entire career including hits like ‘Denim and Leather’ and ‘Rock the Nations,’ Biff and co. showed that they have stood the test of time and they are not just a bunch of old men on stage to make a buck or two. To show that even more, Biff barely spent any time standing still and put his body through its paces throughout the entire set.

A double encore of ‘Crusader’, ‘747’, ‘Strong Arm of the Law’ and ‘Princess of the Night’ ended proceedings and I can safely say one thing: Saxon are still here, and as strong as they have ever been!


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