Gig Review: Seether unplugged and plugged-in, Glasgow, 10th March 2012

Seether’s last visit to Glasgow came just over three years ago on the 21st January 2009 when they supported Staind on their headline tour and since then the band has been a stranger to our shores. With the release of their latest album, ‘Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray,’ finally making its way onto shelves in the UK, the band returned to support 3 Doors Down on their headline tour and after a support slot in Edinburgh, they performed a one-off headline show in Glasgow the following night.

Before the band took to the stage at the Garage, fans would also be treated to a special acoustic show at the Apple store. Those who are familiar with ‘One Cold Night’ will know that Seether are able to strip their material back and deliver stunning renditions of their album material in acoustic form. Shaun Morgan’s intense gritty vocal tone offers more believability to the songs when accompanied perfectly with the acoustic sound. Seether are able to project the true emotion and power behind these songs in this setting, something that can be lost in production.

The six-song set featured four of their biggest hits from ‘Disclaimer’ and two more from ‘Karma And Effect’ being performed to an ever-growing audience in a still open store for customers to come in and use. While this may have been an acoustic set, the band were still loud enough to force one of the lights in the ceiling to pop out and dangle over the crowds head leading to a short public safety announcement.

Set list:
1. Gasoline
2. Fine Again
3. Driven Under
4. Broken
5. The Gift
6. Remedy

After a three hour break the band were back on stage, this time at the Garage and plugged in for their sold out performance. The band continued their tight set from earlier on in the day as they performed a “greatest hits” set with two new songs thrown into the mix.

The band jumped right out of the gate with an explosion of energy with ‘I’m The One’ and then straight into ‘Needles.’ ‘Disclaimer’ dominated the set up until the mid-point with favourites ‘Gasoline,’ ‘Fine Again,’ ‘Driven Under’ and ‘Broken’ being performed. ‘Broken’ gave the fans their first sing-a-long opportunity of the night as they aimed to out sing Shaun at every moment. John Humphrey performed a blistering drum solo before the ‘Disclaimer’ section of the set list came to a close with the dark moody ‘Pig.’

Seether changed the tone with their new uplifting pop-driven single ‘Tonight’ and unique sounding hit ‘Country Song,’ both from their recent release ‘Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray.’

Shaun would go solo to perform ‘The Gift’ giving a much more personal rendition. ‘Rise Above This’ and a stripped ‘Fake It’ followed to the ears of a passionate crowd. Ever since the departure of Troy McLawhorn last year, the band have stripped back all of their material in order to remain a three-piece. Shaun does a great job of managing the guitar on his own and at times you hardly realise that the song has changed but it was a little more obvious during ‘Fake It’ that something was missing.

Shaun has been compared to Kurt Cobain with his live performance and you can sort of understand why. You do feel that Kurt has inspired Shaun and after they end their set on ‘Remedy,’ the guitar destroying toss at the drums just makes it all click into place.

Glasgow received a real treat with two special performances, the only ones on their current UK tour but with a headline tour being planned for October/November, fans around the UK will have the opportunity to experience what they missed that evening. Many people give post-grunge bands a hard time but Seether are at the top of their game right now and deserving of their plaudits coming their way.

Set list:
1. I’m The One
2. Needles
3. Gasoline
4. Fine Again
5. Driven Under
6. Broken
7. Drum Solo
8. Pig
9. Breakdown
10. Tonight
11. Country Song
12. The Gift
13. Rise Above This
14. Fake It
15. Remedy

Rating – 9


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4 Responses to “Gig Review: Seether unplugged and plugged-in, Glasgow, 10th March 2012”

  1. Nice review ! I was there at both the shoes. It was brilliant. I don’t care what people say about them, you know the usual ohhh they aren’t creative/ they are nirvana rip offs. These guys are amazing I love each and every album. \m/ Seether \m/

  2. Damn it ! I meant Shows not shoes lol typo

  3. This is kind of pathetic. I’m sure the band put on a great performance, but a 14-song set from band with four full-length studio albums? This was a headlining show to an area the band has not played to in a few years, they should have gotten an 18-song, 2 hour set at least.

  4. Most headline sets are about an hour and a half here and combined with a early curfew then it made it slightly more difficult. The venue is a nightclub and doors for that open roughly 30 minutes after the set finished so they had to get everyone out sharp. I didn’t even see any merch for sale so I imagine they wanted them to finish and get their gear out of there ASAP.