Gig Review: Slayer at The Forum, London

There’s a reason the name is said either in hushed whispers of awe or screamed paroxysms of dedication – Slayer are one of the greatest bands of metal. End of story.

The  only question hanging around the two dates Slayer were playing at The Forum in London this June was would Araya still be a live force to be reckoned with post-surgery. As it turned out, he’s probably become even more fearsome since returning to the stage. The man has decided to compensate for a lack of headbanging by giving even more to his vocal delivery and as soon as the first syllables of opener ‘World Painted Blood’ kick in, everyone is treated to a larynx-shredding performance that might see the guy need throat surgery soon!

Of course, Araya isn’t the only one shredding. A certain Mr. King and Mr. Hanneman happen to be loitering around the stage as well and proceed to create the loudest din I have ever heard. You can’t see their arms, just blurs, and how the strings on their guitars don’t melt is something that will puzzle the generations.

The first night was a rip-rolling affair in itself, with songs like ‘Chemical Warfare’, ‘Hell Awaits’ and the still-so-fresh ‘Reign In Blood’ balancing newer cuts like ‘Beauty Through Order’, ‘Jihad’ and ‘Payback’. But it’s the second night that things take off, as the fearsome foursome play the entire ‘Seasons In The Abyss’ album from start to finish. Despite a 30-minute delay because of an injury in the moshpit, the band still get through 20 songs en route to making London deaf, one shred at a time.

Nearly 30 years and you dared doubt them? Really?

Rating – 10

View a gallery from the gig here.


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