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Gig Review: The Answer, Garage, Glasgow, 7th March 2012

Kicking off proceedings tonight in Glasgow were Leicester trio Skam but sadly I was able to only catch one full song and a bit of another from their set. Their hard rock sound was definitely appropriate to the night from what I heard and they certainly made a good impression on the large Glasgow crowd but I didn’t hear enough to pass judgement on them.

Although I am a big fan of Thunder, I’ve never taken the appropriate time to sit down with The Union and experience their music in the same manner. Led by former Thunder guitarist Luke Morley and bassist Chris Childs, the veteran impact from these two individuals alone shines through this band as they put in a stellar shift.

A great mix of high energy performances during ‘Watch The River Flow,’ ‘Black Gold’ and the thick and gritty groove of ‘Obsession’ combined with the acoustic led ‘Saviour’ and stunning ‘Cut The Line’ set the tone for the night. Peter Shoulder’s soulful vocals are perfect for this style of rock and his stage performance at times reminded me of Glenn Hughes.

The Answer took to the stage and kicked straight into ‘New Day Rising.’ The swaggering birthday boy Cormac Neeson was in top gear from the off as he bounced around the stage for their ‘Revival’ heavy set list.

‘Vida (I Want You)’ gave the crowd an early opportunity to get a sing-a-long going with Cormac before we’re introduced to a reworked version of ‘Nowhere Freeway.’ With the original version featuring Lynne Jackaman on vocals I certainly wasn’t expecting the band to perform this but as one of their strongest songs, it was nice to hear this unique stripped live version.

Although the set was dominated by material from their latest album ‘Revival,’ fans did get to hear several old classics from ‘Rise.’ ‘Under The Sky’ and ‘Come Follow Me’ got the crowd moving and the heavy blues number ‘Preachin’ followed to the crowds delight.

A very energetic performance was brought to a close with ‘Waste Your Tears’ after the crowd sung happy birthday to Cormac. Vocalists should take notes from his performance. His energy and crowd control are simply incredible and he doesn’t sacrifice his vocal performance for it. He was not alone though, backed up by stunning performances from Micky Waters, James Heatley and Paul Mahon, The Answer showcased why they are so deserving of the praise that they have gained over the years.

Fans of ‘Everyday Demons’ may have felt a little cheated that they were only treated to one song from the album with ‘Too Far Gone’ being introduced near to the end of their set.

The Answer stated their mission was to revive grassroots rock n’ roll and they are certainly doing a strong job of just that with a live performance that puts many bands to shame. The Answer commanded the stage in Glasgow to an almost sold out crowd in the Garage and it might not be too long before they move onto bigger venues as they aim to revive rock n’ roll.

Rating – 9


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