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Gig Review: The Defiled, Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, 3rd May 2011

The Defiled are currently out on their first ever headline UK tour and earlier this week the “13-Lucky For Some” tour rolled into Glasgow, Scotland.

Up first were local metal act Sintonic [4] who, from the start, were playing to the wrong type of crowd as they tried to play a thrash metal like set, which to this crowd was just not appropriate. By the end of their set, Sintonic had almost made themselves a hated act as they performed an absolutely woeful cover of At The Gates classic ‘Slaughter Of The Soul’.

It was obvious from the moment that Sintonic left the stage that there was genuine excitement for Romeo Must Die [7]. The band had so much energy that the Ivory Blacks stage couldn’t contain them and vocalist Adam spent just as much time hanging from the low ceiling of the venue as he did actually on the stage. Tracks from ‘Hardships In Season’, which was released for free earlier this year with Metal Hammer magazine, went down a treat and it was obvious the decision to release the album for free had drastically improved their fan base. If you know of, and even if you don’t, Romeo Must Die then I would definitely suggest that you check them out live.

When Romeo Must Die finished their support slot the anticipation for The Defiled [8] was difficult to contain. Having toured the UK with rising UK metallers Sylosis last year and horror-punk supergroup Murderdolls earlier this year, The Defiled have built up a big reputation for their live performances but the big question was how would they translate from support to the headline act.

From the opening of ‘In the Land of Fools’ through to the end of ‘Red Tape’, the band kept up an intensity which is sometimes lost in small venues. Tracks from their debut EP ‘1888’ went down a storm with a crowd who have obviously followed this band for a long time, Equally, the huge sing-a-longs that are available from tracks like ‘The Ressurrectionists’ had the crowd going absolutely insane while keyboard player The AvD kept the crowd entertained with his on stage antics between songs. The interaction between the band and the crowd also showed that the band don’t feel too big to know where all their support comes from.

The only real issue I had was that The Defiled have a sound that was simply too big for Ivory Blacks; some of the intensity in the music was lost because they it needed a much bigger audience. If you want to see then band perform an intimate gig then I would say get along and see them as soon as you can because with their sound, they won’t be playing venues this size for much longer.


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