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Gig Review: The Wonder Years, King Tuts, Glasgow, 14th September 2011

Pop punk is a touchy genre for me as I can never decide where I stand with it. While some bands excel and keep this genre ticking on, others do considerable harm and we’re now in a world were pop punk bands need to fight for survival as people believe that the genre died a long time ago. This gig though was proof, if it were needed, that pop punk is far from dead.

Opening the night were Such Gold [9] and Valencia [7], both of which I knew very little about before the gig. Straight from the go Such Gold were on fire and the room exploded. The main floor of the King Tuts seemed to empty as everyone jumped forward to get as close to the barrier as possible. The energy was simply incredible as they put in a performance that made me wonder if The Wonder Years would be even able to match it or had they just been stung by their opening support band. Fans were quite positively going crazy as a circle pit opened and everyone just piled on in.

Valencia followed and while they performed a strong set, they simply killed the energy in the room. After the 15 minute switch over the room was still buzzing but Valencia couldn’t take advantage of it and fans seemed to take a breather before warming to the bands set. While the reaction was positive, never at any point did they excel or go that extra mile to prove why they were the main support on this tour. After witnessing the circle pit during Such Gold’s set Valencia hoped to bring one into their set but early attempts failed and they had to settle with a good old clap along. While I did enjoy their set, they simply were not in the same league, live anyway, as Such Gold and The Wonder Years. They would have been more suited to opening the night but I suppose going from Such Gold to The Wonder Years would have been too much for fans as The Wonder Years picked up were Such Gold left off and rose the bar to prove why this tour is receiving so much hype.

The Wonder Years [9] ‘Came Out Swinging’ and so did the fans as they attempted to out sing Soupy. Standing to the side of the stage it became so obvious during the opening song that pop punk is not dead as the crowd’s reaction simply fuelled the band to go up and beyond as they pushed themselves song after song.

Energy levels continued to rise as the night progressed with the band performing hits from their new album ‘Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing’ as well as their breakout album ‘The Upsides’. Not to disappoint those fans who have been with them since the beginning, they did perform one song from ‘Get Stoked On It!’ but if you ever expect more than one then sadly you are out of luck. Soupy stated before the set during my interview with him that he despises the album and they will never play more than one song from it.

Having played on the Kerrang tour earlier in the year to over two thousand fans, the King Tuts was a different setting but moving from support act to headline band, you can see that they relish the opportunity to be the headline act as they enjoyed every piece of their performance.

Right at the end of their set a few members of the band got intimate with the crowd as they leapt from the stage and members of Valencia were on hand to take over vocal sections and to also get involved with the crowd when the night was at its peak.

Even though Four Year Strong appear to be moving away from the pop punk sound like some other bands, pop punk is far from dead and to witness this tour was just the perfect way to prove it. The Wonder Years are now looking to carry the torch forward with many other bands and they will do so with a lot of passion and love.


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