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Gig Review: Through The Noise Tour, Glasgow, Scotland, April 18th 2011

The Through The Noise Tour, headlined by Comeback Kid, made its way to Glasgow for its only Scottish date. EspyRock were there to cover the tour.

First up were Norwegian up-and-comers Social Suicide [7]. Unfortunately for them, the venue was still pretty empty when they took to the stage. This didn’t stop the youngsters playing a set that comprised strong riffs, hard drums and huge energy. Although there was a lot of energy, the lack of a crowd meant that the band lost a lot of the impact they could have had. Given a few years though, Social Suicide could easily be taking the hardcore scene by storm.

Canada’s Gravemaker [7] were up next. By the time they took the stage there were a lot more people in the venue, and a lot of them eager to see Gravemaker. Having easily been able to get to the front of the crowd for Social Suicide it was now nearly impossible to reach the front, and from the get go it was obvious why Gravemaker were a “band to see” tonight. They played a set that consisted of new and old hits and the crowd were impressed the whole time, keeping up an impeccable energy throughout the set. I wasn’t so sure about Gravemaker before the show, but definitely a good live act!

Next up were quite easily the heaviest band of the night, Kvelertak [7]. The Norwegians played a high-energy set, with their frontman spending almost as much time at the barrier with the front row of the crowd as on the stage with the rest of his bandmates. As well as this, musically the band were extremely tight with all three guitarists working in unison, and the guitarist furthest right on the stage playing an unorthodox style with no plectrum for most of the set. However, there were two things that brought this set down: the crowd were obviously not up for a metal band, minus a few who were at the barrier, so Kvelertak were constantly fighting a losing battle, and there was the issue of far too much bleed into the vocals. This was the biggest issue, as a lot of the powerful vocals were lost in the huge noise that came from the guitars and the drums on stage.

Tonight’s main support The Ghost Inside [5] almost blew the roof off the venue when they took the stage with a massive crowd surge and a tonne of movement straight away. However, for me anyway, this was the last good moment of the set. Every song that they played, although well-received by the crowd and met with a frenzy of activity from the “pit”, all just sounded the same. Throughout the 35-40 minute set I honestly felt like I heard around two songs, when obviously it just cannot have been that few, right?

Last up were Comeback Kid [8], returning to the UK after supporting Parkway Drive on the Never Say Die Tour at the end of 2010. It was obvious as soon as they hit the stage why they were the headline act. The crowd went absolutely crazy from the opening riff and the band proceeded to tear Glasgow’s hardcore legion a new one throughout their 50-minute set. However, this was also to be the biggest downfall of the night. A headline band is supposed to have enough of a show to leave you knowing that the show is over, but unfortunately for Comeback Kid, they seemed to be just getting into their stride as they ended the set on Final Goodbye, and I personally felt like the show needed just that extra 20-30 minutes to give it a definitive ending.

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