Gig Review: Wormrot, 13th Note, Glasgow, 6th September 2011

Going into this gig I was envisioning a horror story. A small basement venue known as “The Notecave”, which holds a maximum of 110 people, with a grindcore soundtrack is enough to make you relive every kidnap torture scene from a movie. With that mental imagine in my head I tempted to ask for a baseball bat or a gun with my pint of Guinness.

Opening the night were local Doom band Sunsmasher [7] . While I didn’t catch much of their set, or even see much of it due to the low ceiling and the wave of giants in front of me, musically the band sounded very strong over the few songs I caught and definitely warrant a return visit.

Keeping it local and up next were Glasgow destroyers Co-Exist [8] . Remember what I was saying about this night feeling a little like a horror story? Well Co-Exist guitarist Charlie Perratt did his part to make the mood as he threw on a leather strap mask and with songs in their arsenal such as ‘Grind You Fuckers To Dust’, you know this is only going to end one way. Tearing through their set the band made a statement to everyone in that small room and gave everyone a taste of the intensity that you can find on their current albums and what is to come on their new album which they aim to record later this year. Vocalist Mark Fry and Dawson spent the entire set in beside the crowd and in their faces as they pushed themselves to the limit on their performance.

Evisorax [9] , a three piece from Wigan, were up next as the main support to Wormrot on this tour and while Sunmasher and Co-Exist had both put in great sets, Evisorax lifted it to a new level. Filthy and brutal but at the same time mesmerising like a car wreck that you just can’t stop looking at while people franticly save those screaming inside in pain. Whatever demons possess these three men, they take out their anger and frustration on the stage as they blitz through a set which was far too short. Evisorax are certainly one of the UK’s brightest and most talented up and coming grindcore bands that you must see.

Headliners Wormrot [9] were up next and the while you find similarities in the power and energy from Evisorax in their set, you instantly feel Wormrot want to make what came before them was nothing that you had ever seen. What Evisorax gave in emotion of their short set, Wormrot aimed to double and it left vocalist Arif on the floor only a quarter of the way through their set. As Evisorax started the car pile-up, along came Wormrot with buses of school children and a tanker full of explosive gas pulling up the rear. For a three-piece band Wormrot’s sound live is huge and with the basement walls just bouncing the sound in and around the packed crowd it was just the sort of brutality that the night ordered.

I had always wondered how Wormrot would take their material to a live environment but from the first song onwards, every riff and every drum beat combined with the ripping vocals of Arif were spot on. For this type of gig I expected a little more energy out of Rasyid who remained stationary for the night but with the sound he has to solely produce you can hardly blame the guy from focussing on the task at hand.

Playing a mixture of ‘Abuse’ and ‘Dirge’ the band kept everyone going and especially so when they announced that they would play a slow song, which was greeted by boo’s then a “fuck you” from Arif, but when they decided to slow things down, really what they meant was that here is a song with a lot more groove.

Calling it an end to their set Arif hit the floor needing to catch his breath and take time out but the crowd, which boxed in the stage, didn’t move and Arif was happy to kick into overtime to give their audience more.

Fierce, brutal, filthy but at the same time beautiful is how to describe this night.


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